My First Group Run

I wish I had a clever post title but I’m kind of tapped at the moment.  I’m busy trying to avoid doing any sort of class reading but am also just thinking about food.  Its dinner time.

I joined a running club last month and had yet to take advantage of any of the group’s benefits… most notably their Saturday long runs.  It was the reason I joined.  My amazing marathon friend belongs to this club and encouraged me to join.  She made a great case about the Saturday long runs and totally sold me.

This past Saturday I was scheduled to run 12 miles.  I was a bit nervous since my previous 10-miler went so poorly and I felt so drained after my step back week 7-miler.  I thought being surrounded by runners would motivate me.

And it did.

It was a small gathering since the majority of the long runners were all in Virginia Beach for the half marathon.  There were 8 runners.  Some had a 20 mile goal, others were just going for 10.  I was in good company.

When we started to run, I realized that my pace was so much slower than everyone else’s. 

One guy (I’ll call him awesome motivating runner, AMR) had recently torn his hamstring slightly and this was his first run in over a month.  He had planned to do an easy 2 mile run.  Because of his injury, he ran at my pace.

God bless AMR.  We chatted the entire time and he gave me great tips to get me through.  Not once did I put in my headphones.  Not once did I feel like I couldn’t go one.  Not once did I feel like I was going to die.

I ran 12.42 miles total.  We stopped 3 times into the run:

– Once around mile 5.  The entire group took a short walk break to drink and eat whatever fuel they had.  The walk lasted about 1/10th of a mile.

– Once at mile 10.  Again, the entire group stopped to drink and refuel.  I felt fantastic here.  I didn’t feel exhausted.  My legs didn’t feel like lead.

– Once at mile 12.  I stopped here because this was all I had planned to run.  I walked about 1/10th of a mile and AMR motivated me to run a little more and I surprised myself and did.  The 0.42 got me to the parking lot where my car was parked.

I am fully convinced that a running group is amazing.  I was told that most normal long run meetups consist of more people especially around race season and they’re at all paces.  I have 13 miles scheduled for Saturday and for the first time in a long time, I feel like I can do it.

Oh and I just purchased a RoadID.  Recent stories of runners getting hit by cars or falling tree branches plus my paranoia of dying while running convinced me that I needed one.  Now if I die, someone can call Jeremy (or my parents or my in-laws)… or at least know my name when they walk right past me.  I mean, I do live in Baltimore.

After my run, I was starving.  And I felt like I was starving all day despite having consumed my weight in food.  It was crazy.  According to Garmin, I burned roughly 1500 calories so I could understand my hunger… but really, it was a little out of hand.

Aaanywho – that was the big highlight of my labor day weekend.  We hung out with some pals, watched some movies, went to Susquehanna State Park (forgot to take pics) for a 3+ hour long death hike that I thought was going to end with us dying in the middle of the woods… but really, the run is what made my weekend.

How was everyone else’s holiday?



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3 responses to “My First Group Run

  1. Kt

    Good job! Ian should totally join a running club – I think he’s too stubborn though. And you should get used to not running with an ipod since it’s not allowed at the marathon (crazy! Ian just looked at the rules and sure enough that’s one of them).

    I saw that rule. Headphones are actually not allowed in most running races for “insurance” reasons although I think most people overlook it in short races. But yeah – I’m so addicted to my iPod. My friend suggested going for a few runs each week without it just to get used to not having it. I’m so dependent on it…

  2. I joined a weekly running group, but we only average 3-8 miles. I have progressed from 3 to 4 miles. One mile at a time… 🙂

    3-8 miles is awesome! And that’s exactly how you have to approach running (at least that’s how I do). One mile at a time.

  3. just thought I’d throw out another great Baltimore running group if you’re interested!! Come join us!! 🙂

    You know – I am very interested in your organization! I may take you up on that! 🙂

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