Shopping Addict

Sometimes when I go a long time without shopping and then I purchase a few items, I lose my fucking mind.  Couple that with a sweet 9/9/09 deal and I’ve got new stuff!

For starters, 9/9/09 brought about lots of online deals.  The ones that hooked me were and Threadless offered certificates for 90% off!  I ended up purchasing the following certificates:
$25 to Abacrombie (minimum purchase of $35 required) – Top Chef contestant’s restaurant.  She was kicked off the last show but her restaurant is really good.
$25 to Chiapparelli’s (minimum purchase of $35 required) – Typical Little Italy fare. 
$25 to Indigma (minimum purchase of $50 required) – delightful Indian cuisine.
$10 to Pasticcio Italian Kitchen (minimum purchase of $20 required) – I gave them a bad review for their pasta but I heard their pizza is really good.  I figured it was worth a shot (for $1).
$10 for TeaVolve Cafe & Lounge (minimum purchase of $15 required) – love this place for their sandwiches.

Total cost = $3.80.  Not too shabby.

Threadless offered all of their t-shirts for $9.  I couldn’t resist.  I love Threadless although I’ve never purchased a shirt from them (but I have friends that have).  Their designs range from hilarious to cute to artsy fartsy fantastic.  I wasn’t sure if I should have added more t-shirts to my wardrobe.  I often go back and forth about wanting to dress nicer more often (no more t-shirts and jeans) plus I often wonder if I’m too old for graphic tees.  And dammit, I’m not.  But I did avoid getting the cute t-shirts (as much as I wanted them) and got these fantastic shirts:

Stick Figures in Peril – I love skulls.  It brings out the 14 year old alt-rock girl in me.


Infinity MPG


Natural Selection – I love this shirt.  The animals are fighting back!  I generally use this argument when people claim that humans are at the top of the food chain.  Sure we are… because we have guns and crossbows.  But I’m pretty sure if you tried to kill a deer or a bear with your bare hands, you’d lose (either because the animal could outrun you or Mr. Bear’s claws would tear you to pieces).


Flowers in the Attic – my favorite of the bunch


Rock Out with Your Cock Out – purchased this for Jeremy because it made me laugh.  Look, there’s a rooster just hanging out with the band!  I also thought if I purchased Jeremy a shirt, he wouldn’t be as mad at me for my frivolous purchase.  And look, a rooster!


So since I had tasted the sweet relief of shopping, I ended up purchasing these shoes from Target.  Oh and their online store claims that their shoes are buy 1 get 1 half off but when I put these in my shopping cart, I got as far as confirming my order and none of the shoes were discounted.  So I abandoned ship and went to my local Target.

Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Kaley Tall Cuffed Boots – Black


I have been looking for non-leather knee high boots for quite some time.  They’re easy to find online but not so easy to find in person.  I really wanted to see the boots in person to make sure they looked okay.  I was very close to purchasing the flat brown boots I got for Christmas in black because I knew they fit but really didn’t want to get the same pair.  Anywho – I was glad to have found these and for so cheap.  Keep in mind that they aren’t the best quality and probably won’t last forever but for $35, I’m okay with them just lasting through this season.  Another bonus is that the cuff at the top unfolds so if I’m feeling saucy enough to rock the over the knee boot trend this year, I can do so.

The only other problem with these boots is that I have really really skinny ankles.  The way these boots bunch make me look a like a ninja (according to Jeremy).  I’ll post pictures sometime soon to see what you guys think (because if they really are THAT bad… I’ll return them). 
Women’s Mossimo Kaylen Peep-Toe Booties

I love these shoes.  I have a weird obsession with peep-toe booties.  According to Jeremy, they make my feet look very wide and fat but I think they’re super cute and sassy.

Women’s Mossimo Supply Co. Odell Ballet Flats


I love these shoes.  I ended up getting a 1/2 size bigger only because that was all that was available.  They’re kind of wide but they’re super comfy and for $12.99, I didn’t mind the not perfect fit.  I’d rather something feel a little loose than a little tight.

My current obsession (outside of peep-toe booties) is oversized cocktail rings.  I scoured Etsy yesterday and found a few that I am absolutely in love with.  My credit card is half way out of my wallet and I’m about to get one in particular but then I’m hit with a slight feeling of guilt.  I need new running shoes and that should trump a cocktail ring at this point.  But… but…

I just want stuff!

Oh and I’d post the pic of the ring I’m in love with but I don’t want anyone else to buy it!  🙂



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4 responses to “Shopping Addict

  1. Meredith

    I have recently been fixated on shopping as well. I think it was your link that got me started (7 gift certificates for $6.40!). I spent forever virtual online shopping last night (putting everything I want in the ‘cart’ but not actually buying it). This whole homeowner nonsense is really hampering my shopping ability. I *really* need some cute fall going out tops (ummm I need to look good now that I’m single…lol) but I also need trash cans and a garbage disposal so does that trump me looking good?

    But I was desperate for new running shoes and went to the place in the Avenue last weekend for BoGo and treated myself to these adorable shoes (only $22 after I bought the sneakers which were purchased with my verizon rebate for my blackberry…yay!).

    PS Wanna go shopping this weekend? 🙂

    Cute shoes! And it really must have been that unleashed a shopping monster!

    I still really need to clean out my closet and dresser of all the junk that I don’t wear anymore… I think once I can assess my true wardrobe, I’ll feel good about shopping. 🙂 Wanna help me clean out my closet? haha

  2. I’m having a crazy hard time not giving in to my shopping demons. Being in a totally new place with totally adorable shops is making me brake out in hives for a new sweater and some floppy hats.
    Also, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who finds herself powerless in the face of Etsy. I browsed for a lot time without buying, and when I did finally make my first purchase, I ended up buying two jewelry boxes and a ring shaped like a child’s music box that opens to feature a ballerina figure. Oops.
    PS-I love Threadless too. But for more affordable t-shirt awesomeness, try They’re hit and miss, but they’re also $10 shipped.
    PPS-Okay, now I’m done.

    I always forget about Woot! But you’re right, they do have fun shirts sometimes. I just really try to resist buying t-shirts… but they’re just so comfy.

    And seriously… Etsy is a wonderland of whimsy.

  3. Traci

    Just purchased my first pair of peep toe booties from Payless today!

    Nice! I just saw that Christian Siriano has a line of shoes at Payless so I’m kind of foaming at the mouth to check it out.

  4. Ooooh, shopping. The change of the seasons always make me want to shop. . . The new Anna Sui collection at Target? Tops. Deals on J Crew left and right? Why yes, I’ll take two. . .

    The Anna Sui collection… yes!! I saw some previews in magazines (and its the reason I watched an episode of Gossip Girl) and love it.

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