Germs Germs Everywhere

I love Dr. Oz.  Anytime I knew that he’d be on Oprah, I’d DVR it because I love him.  I want him to be my doctor. 

When Oprah announced that Dr. Oz was getting his own show, I was stoked!  And I was sure to set my DVR to record Dr. Oz’s shows.

While I still love Dr. Oz… I’m starting to not like him anymore.  Mind you – he’s still the loveable and knowledgeable doc we’ve all grown to love and appreciate but now he’s turned me into a crazed germaphobe

Holy hell – he did a segment yesterday about the germs in your purse.  Jesus Christ – I don’t think I’ll ever carry my handbag again.

My cell phone?  I’m surprised I haven’t died from whatever germs are lurking on it.

He also did a segment about underwear and discussed the problems with THONGS.  OMG… I will risk visible panty lines to avoid poop creeping up my undies into my susie.  And did you know that you shouldn’t wash your undies with your regular laundry because of POOP?!  What the hell?

I feel like I can’t leave the house without a mask and rubber gloves anymore. 

As if I didn’t have enough issues with hugging people because I get all weirded out by others invading my personal space… I’ll never touch another person again until I’ve seen evidence of them being wiped down with rubbing alcohol.

He recommended a UV Wand to kill germs.  I think this might go on my Christmas list. 

And okay – so I’m not really that crazy.  I am the type of person that refuses to use the antibacterial hand sanitizer that is all over my office because I am convinced that people are just breeding a superbug.  I’m all for developing immunities naturally. 

I’m just saying it was gross to hear just how dirty we are and the people featured on his show weren’t nearly as dirty as me.  I’ll admit it.  My purse finds itself on the ground quite a bit.  My keyboard at work?  Crusted over with food (yes, gross).  My mouse?  Same thing.  Food crust.  Actually just about every thing I come into contact with (especially handles… like to my fridge or dishwasher) have some level of food crust on them.  I eat a lot, what can I say?



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9 responses to “Germs Germs Everywhere

  1. Growing up in my mom’s home daycare center, I’ve had to have a certain amount of suspended disbelief where germs are concerned. Like that the soggy cookie that the baby just put in my mouth wasn’t just in her mouth. Or that the wet spot under the potty-training little boy is totally just spilled apple juice.
    What I’m trying to say is that after years of this, I kinda don’t worry about germs. I mean, I’ll eat out of a bowl twice if there aren’t any large chunks stuck to it. Can’t worry about everything!

    I’m also a dish reuser if is isn’t totally crusted over. I think I make a bad germaphobe…

  2. All of the ‘experts’ are turning society into germaphobes. Exposure to germs is good to build immunity. I too avoid the hand sanitizer. I cringe every time I see someone using pump after pump in our office. I also hate the very harsh antibacterial soaps, particularly at work. The soap makes my hands overly dry and, of course, it’s antibacterial.

    The thong thing…yeah…gross. But you had me cracking up with the whole “susie”. LOL

    No matter how old I am, I think I will always refer to my lady part as a susie. 🙂

  3. I don’t get the germophobe thing. I mean yeah, be clean, wash your hands, take showers, don’t eat mud. But I’ve gone through 28 years relatively naive to all the germ horror stories (I block them out because OH MY GOD!), and I’m fine. I don’t sanitize everything 18 times a day, and I do wash my underwear with the rest of my clothes. And guess what. Sometimes I don’t even wash my hands after using the bathroom. Gasp!

    I’m so glad that a woman admitted to not always washing her hands after the bathroom. I’m totally guilty of this at home… mostly because I pee like 10 times during the night. Washing my hands (especially in the winter) after every go would dry them out horribly.

  4. I had to watch this movie in a bio class once where they showed you all the microscopic bugs all over everything. It was horrifying.
    Still, it didn’t make me into a germaphobe.
    I agree that using sanitizer is breeding superbugs.
    But after two winters of having the worst holy-hell flu I’m a big advocate of the handwashing. And I have the driest hands in the midwest. (Did you know you get sick more easily if your hands are cracked or if you have lots of hangnails?True story.) I pretty much keep companies in business with my lotion usage. That said, if I’m in a situation where washing-hands isn’t amenable, I won’t go crazy from the thought of not being able to do it.

    The cracked hands made sense… I didn’t even think about hangnails! I get them all the time.

    The winter is the worst for me. I have terrible dry hands because I wash my hands so often (because I pee a lot at work… tmi, perhaps).

  5. I wasn’t much of a germaphobe but then I became a mom. Yikes. I’m much more mellow now than I was 11 months ago, after Em’s arrival, but mainly because I know it’s not necessarily a bad thing for her to be exposed to germs every now and then to build her immune system.

    I think most moms of newborns turn into germaphobes! 🙂

  6. Meredith

    A girl in my boot camp class (the one running with us on Sunday) who is a pharmacist got flown to NYC on Monday to tape a segment for the Dr. Oz show!

    SHUT UP! We’re running with a quasi-celebrity?! 🙂

  7. Jen

    I’ve been thinking about this thong thing, and it’s kind of hard to believe. I think that most women who wear thongs know to buy a size larger than normal so that the string isn’t way up in their business. If you wipe properly and generally keep yourself clean, how does the poop travel?

    According to Dr. Oz (and I realize that by saying that I have lost all credibility with this post), the poop particles just attach themselves to the panties and creep up. I know – it doesn’t make sense… it just grossed me out! 🙂

  8. I’m totally not wearing a thong anymore. How about all of those guys that go commando? That grosses me out. They’re losing that barrier over the poophole and it’s gotta be leaking onto the pants. GROSS!

    haha! Leaking into the pants and anything those pants come into contact with. Ew!

  9. Alex

    I am so tired of the hysteria Oz is creating. We are becoming a paranoid society, thanks to the likes of him. Isnt it smarter to let our bodies learn what germs are bad, then avoiding them all together. No wonder more and more people are getting sick. Its seems that despite all this paranoia, we are getting sick and dying more and more than before.

    Dr. Oz is a joke

    This is ridiculous

    His show definitely caters to hypochondriacs.

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