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I am a TV addict.  Thanks to the wonderful world of technology, I have managed to create series recordings for an obscene amount of tv shows on my DVR.

My obsession, however, has come to bite me in the ass because I’ve gotten into SO many shows that the new fall lineup has caused some conflicting recordings.  Therefore, a few shows have been dropped.

While this may not seem like an issue to most normal people, I actually agonized over which shows were DVR worthy and which shows could I just watch on the computer.

When did my life revolve around TV?!

And now with the introduction of new shows, I’m spiraling down into a deep dark hole of spending my entire WEEKEND devoted to watching these shows.  I need help, people. 

So far, the only 2 shows that have been dropped from the DVR are: Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy.  These shows were dropped because these are the 2 shows that Jeremy and I watch individually.  I think Heroes is a lame show and can’t even sit through 5 minutes of it.  Jeremy doesn’t give a crap about Grey’s Anatomy (although he’ll watch it with me if I’m watching it).

Last night was the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy and it seems that most people were disappointed in it.  I was going to try to catch it sometime this weekend on the computer but now wonder if its even worth it.  Is it?

As for new shows, I caught the following this week:

Community.  I love Joel McHale.  This show did not disappoint me and my really high expectations.  Series recording set.


Modern Family.  This is some funny shit.  The magazine ads make the show look lame but I read a positive review of the show so Jeremy and I decided to give it a shot.  Its only a 30 minute show so no biggie.  But seriously – this show is really funny.  Like really funny.  Series recording set!


Cougartown.  Again, some really funny shit.  I wasn’t sure what to make of it.  But I saw that the show was created by the same guy that did Scrubs (Bill Lawrence) and I love that show so I thought I’d also give this show a shot.  Again, its only a 30 minute show.  While the idea of cougars has sort of run its course (I’m so sick of that term… we don’t have a term for old men and young girls, why do women have to be labeled ‘cougar’), this show is hilarious.  Series recording set!


Eastwick.  Okay – I’m going to give this show a few more episodes to catch on.  This show isn’t predicted to last very long and I can see why.  Inspired by the movie (The Witches of Eastwick) – this show is about modern day witches that don’t know they are witches or some crap like that.  I’m having a hard time buying Rebecca Romijn as some bohemian artist and Lindsay Price as an uptight nerd.  This show is an hour so it may get dropped.


The Forgotten.  Again – this is a show that I need to watch at least a few more times before I can make a decision to series record it.  I taped it because Christian Slater stars in it and I used to LOVE him when I was in middle school (hello Pump Up the Volume!  Heathers! Gleaming the Cube!  The Legend of Billie Jean! True Romance!) and while he may not be super popular now… I still kind of love him. 


The premise of this show is interesting.  A group of volunteers work to identify Jane Doe victims.  The first half of the pilot had me intrigued but then they started to make a few leaps into the impossible that bordered RIDICULOUS and corny.  I hope this picks up.

Wow.  I just basically recapped how sad my life is lately.  Saturdays are my long run days and they leave me drained of energy for most of the day.  I enjoy sitting around and watching tv while icing my legs.  But clearly – I need a life.

The turdy youngster on my grad school team made a comment about not wanting to get married anytime soon because he had “a lot of things” he wanted to do and I got a little peeved and replied, “Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I don’t do stuff!”

Little did he know that I really just meant that I watch an obscene amount of television with my husband.  But whatever!  We go out to eat too.



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9 responses to “Couch Potato

  1. I’m the same as you and I’m having a hard time making my picks this year! I think my DVR is broken though because I keep scheduling things to record but then they get bumped? So annoying.

    I think I’d end up breaking my DVR if it did that!

  2. I have to agree with you regarding Modern Family. That show had me laughing from beginning to end. And I am not a fan of comedies.

    But last night was, for me, all about CSI. And they had the nerve to leave with a huge ? at the end. Bastards! LOL!

    Can’t wait till next week.

    Although, I am very sad that my new favorite from last season doesn’t appear to be coming back: Eleventh Hour. I love love loved it!

    Don’t get me started on shows that I loved previously that got cancelled! I lost a lot of good shows. 😦

  3. First, let me say that it brings me great comfort to know that come Fall TV, I’m not the only one agonizing over what shows make the cut, what new ones are introduced to the lineup and which old ones have lost their luster and are now cut.

    And don’t even get me started on shows that start mid season, I’m sorry, line up has been set for months, I don’t have room for new favorite shows.

    Thank God DVR has allowed my TV watching to come to this.

    And – Grey’s is also DANGEROUSLY close to being dropped from my list. Also, I can’t stand Heroes either, I gave it one episode and was over it in 5 mins.

    (The only sad thing about the agonizing I do is that I realize that I can catch all of these shows on my computer now – so I could probably agonize a little less).

    This comment brings me great comfort. And seriously – thank god for tv on the internet. 🙂

  4. Meredith

    I’m on the fence about Community. I too love Joel McHale and I feel like it should be a hysterical show but so far I’m meh about it. I’ll give it a little longer before I drop it from my DVR though!

    Maybe my love for Joel is clouding my judgement?

  5. I actually put off going grocery shopping for an hour once because I couldn’t miss the Fairly Odd Parents on Nickelodeon.
    There, now I’m lamer than you.

    I’ve actually heard that Fairly Odd Parents is an entertaining show… although it was a parent that told me that. Hmm…

  6. Jealous jealous jealous! As you may know, I get NO tv right now, so hearing about these great shows is inducing tears or envy.

    That’s what Hulu is for! 🙂

  7. fromatopink

    I am a TV addict, too, thanks to the DVR. I’m trying to break myself of that habit but it’s hard!

    Thank you for the bday wishes! I agree – being doted on and getting lots of attention is what birthdays are all about!

    If you find a way to break your TV habit, please share your technique! 🙂

  8. CAG Reinvented

    That’s exactly why I refuse to get DVR! (aside from the fact that I’m too lazy to get the different box from Comcast…lol)

    Yes I heard a lot about Modern Family. I have to see it! My lineup in completely diff. I watch weekend shows like Monk, Psych, and Drop Dead Diva…It takes away from the fact that I have nothing to do all weekend i.e. no dates…lol I’m okay with it if I can curl up and watch some good comedic dramas…lol

    I love drop dead diva but only catch it on OnDemand. 🙂

  9. I love Eastwick and cant understand why we keep shows like Modern Family on which is not very funny and drop shows like Eastwick.

    I wasn’t terribly surprised that Eastwick got dropped but I am very disappointed. I was really starting to enjoy it.

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