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Around 11:30pm last night, Jeremy hopped out of bed in a frenzy.  The dogs were barking wildly and I was sitting in bed thinking, “What the f…?  Am I dreaming?”

I couldn’t tell if Jeremy had opened the front door or what.  It got eerily silent for a minute only to be followed by our storm door opening and another man’s voice. 

My first thought was that a neighbor was bothering us but I couldn’t tell what was being said.  But then I heard the word “detective” and was instantly transported into an epsidode of Law & Order.

Dum-Dum (the Law & Order sound… I have no idea how to spell it)

I heard some other mumblings like, “Your house was given to us…”, “Do you know [insert names I never heard before]”. 

I came downstairs and saw 2 police detectives.  One of them apologized for waking me up (I must have looked ROUGH) and proceeded to show Jeremy pictures of people.  Jeremy said he didn’t recognize a woman but the man in the photo looked familiar.

I looked at the photo and instantly recognized the man.  He was 2 doors down from us and I saw him that day staring me down when I was getting out of my car.

We pointed them to that house and shut the door.

Now I’m concerned.  Detectives indicate something serious, right?  This isn’t some domestic disturbance or 911 phone call.  This is an investigation.  Is this couple like a modern day Bonnie & Clyde?  Did I just set myself up to become a victim?!

I’m sort of freaking out.  I’m sure I’m being a little paranoid here but some things that are freaky are:

– I had never seen that dude before until yesterday and now detectives are looking for him?  Scary dude stared me down.

– The detectives didn’t accidentally get our house number wrong.  Jeremy said the detectives had notes about our house number and the color of our door.  Why would someone give them this information?  Are we being targeted for something?

I am freaking out.  Anyone want to sleep over with a shotgun?  Anyone own a taser?  All I have is pepper spray…



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