Injured Reserved

First I’d like to announce that I have not become a victim of neighborhood crime just yet.  And now that Jeremy is back, I feel comfortable in saying that I was freaking out so much because Jeremy was in Boston for work (and that rarely happens).  It just figured that he’d be out of town the day after come crazy criminal activity.

Wait – what am I saying?  We live in Baltimore.  Someone was just shot at the nudie bar that is 1/2 mile from our house.   Crazy criminal activity happens all the time.

Aaanywho… I don’t know if I have the nerve to call up my local police precinct to find out the details.  Many of you said I should and I even got some advice from a pal’s ex-cop co-worker who said the same thing.  We’ll see. 

What I really want to talk about is the fact that I am currently not running.  If you follow my tweets, you’ll know that I’ve been nursing a knee injury since last weekend.  And by knee injury, its really just my IT band that is inflamed and causing lots of pain in my knee when I try to run, walk up and down stairs or I assume any sort of impactful activity.  Walking has been okay.

It started last week.  Actually – my knee had been feeling a little stiff as the training continued.  Last week, after my 7 mile run – I felt particularly sore.  I could still walk though.  As the day wore on, my hip started to hurt very badly and I worried that it was a stress fracture.  Still – I tried to run 4 miles the next day with lots of pain 2 miles in.  You’d think that would have stopped me from attempting the 15 mile training run on Saturday but it didn’t.  I’m a bit stubborn.

I managed to run 10 miles in dull pain only to then experience the sheer pain of being stabbed in my knee.  Or at least what I imagine being stabbed in the knee must feel like because I was in some serious pain.  Still.  I needed to cover the distance so I walked another 4 miles.  But then I couldn’t really walk the rest of the day.  Or the following day.

Before you ask, no I have not been to a doctor.  This is all self-diagnosed.  Yes, I probably should go to a doctor but you know what?  I don’t want to.  Jeremy had these same symptoms a few months ago and all he was prescribed was some ice, ibuprofen and a few PT exercises (actually, quite a few PT sessions at $20 a pop).  Oh and no running for a long time. 

I don’t have a long time.  In fact, this week off of running is killing me.  I’m in a funk.  I’m depressed.  I’m worried that this is setting me back from being ready for the marathon in time.

I also want to point out that the fact that I’ve actually decided to rest instead of running through lots of pain says a lot about me.  I normally push myself through pain because I’m convinced that by stopping, I’ll lose all motivation to workout and all my endurance will go out the window.

Anywho.  One of the blogs I read posted some PT exercises with a foam roller.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect and we actually have a foam roller from Jeremy’s PT.

I’ve been using the foam roller religiously.  Well, as religiously as a heathen can be.

While it isn’t exactly a pleasurable experience, my knee feels like new afterwards and lasts for awhile.

I ice my knee.

I’ve been taken ibuprofen (as much as I hate it).

I was really hoping that I’d be better in a week but with the Baltimore Half Marathon next Saturday (10/10), I really shouldn’t push myself next week.  I’m skipping my 16 mile training run tomorrow and I’m upset about it.  I’m also probably going to skip running all week next week (4 miles, 8 miles and 4 miles) just to be sure that I can do the Baltimore Half marathon on Saturday.

I was hoping to finish the half marathon in under 2:20 but now I just hope to finish without crying from pain.

The only good news with skipping my 16 mile training run tomorrow is that now I can actually have a drink (or two or ten…) at Amy and Eric’s wedding this evening.  (Congrats to the couple!)  My only fear now is that I’ll drink lots, think my knee is brand new and try one of my many awesome dance moves (that contributed to me straining a back muscle).  Oy.



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7 responses to “Injured Reserved

  1. Ouch! I’m a go in once to the sports doc, tell me what’s wrong, and I fix it myself at home (no PT) kinda gal … but I do sometimes “enjoy” a single dose of active release therapy (ART). Warning: ART hurts like nobody’s business and I’ve been known to shed a tear or two on the table (and leave with bruises), but the pain is worth the relief that follows. One session is equal to days and days and days of rolling. That means you can get back on the road faster. I also love/hate The Stick, which sort of does the same thing as the roller but not quite. It’s great for the IT band. Philly here you come!

    I have never heard of ART! Now you have me intrigued. I’m willing to endure a day of pain for relief for several thereafter… I’ll have to look it up.

  2. You absolutely must give your knees a rest if you want to run in the 1/2. I know it sucks, but if you don’t you could wind up with a permanent injury.

    I know. 😦 Is it weird to be mad at a body part? I’m mad at my knee!

  3. Kim! I had exactly the same symptoms as you are experiencing, earlier this year. Trouble walking down stairs mainly. Being able to run with a little pain, then not being able to walk the next day. I kept running through the pain, and eventually it got REALLY bad. I had to stop running for two months.
    And of course it was IT band syndrome.

    You really have to stop if you don’t want to be injured for a much longer time. If the half is your goal, maybe just a week off will make it possible, but after that you really should think about shutting it down for a while.

    I went to PT for it; I don’t think it helped much. They prescribed the same stuff you mention that Jeremy had to do. Believe it or not, I really think the anti-inflammatories were the most helpful thing.

    If you do foam rolling, you might want to adapt my exercises (thanks for the link, by the way!) and do the roller instead of the tennis ball on your IT band. The doc told me the ball would be too intense when I was injured.

    Good luck, be smart! Hope to hear about a successful half marathon next weekend. Sorry for such a long comment.

    P.S. I love the nudie-bar shooting story. Gotta love Baltimore.

    The half is sort of a goal but my ultimate goal is the Philadelphia marathon. Oy! What to do. Thanks for the comment though (and for the foam roller exercises). 🙂

  4. Meredith

    El Dorado…noooo! I drive by there every time I leave the park or the gym and it looks like such a classy joint. I’m shocked! 🙂

    Sorry you’re still in so much pain but it sounds like continuing to run on it might do more damage. Hopefully you’ll be back to normal in no time after some well needed R&R.

    Have fun at the wedding…don’t let Theresa talk you into a dance off…after 3 or 4 glasses of wine it might seem like a good idea but try to resist!!

    My knee is slowly feeling better but I’m going to try really hard not to push it.

    And ha! Theresa didn’t need to talk me into anything… whoops!

  5. Factor

    Is the Eldorado any good?

    Based on the employees and clientele that I see walking in and out, I’d say it is a classy joint.

  6. Stacy

    Ah man, that’s SOOO frustrating – just be careful and make sure to take care of yourself…like I said before I didn’t, wound up in a cast and haven’t been able to really run since…

    It almost itches to have to take some time to allow your body to heal…but in the long run it will be better and you’ll be back up before you know it!

    I know… I know… 🙂

  7. Well, congratulations. You’ve officially broken my will. After a couple weeks of arguing with Kyle over whether or not I should go to the doctor for symptoms similar to your earliest pains, (pain in my knee that began just going up and down stairs and is now more constant,) you’ve convinced me. I’m going. I hate you.
    Also, do listen to yourself talk? “I managed to run 10 miles in dull pain” Shit, Super Woman!

    Ha! I’m glad I convinced someone because I’ve convinced myself NOT to go. 🙂

    And if only I could use my super woman strength to make the pain go away.

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