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Elevation Burger Review

Its been awhile since I’ve written about any of the places Jeremy and I have eaten around Baltimore.  We still go out to eat… I just forget to snap photos and/or write about it. 

This afternoon, Jeremy and I tried out Elevation Burger in Harbor East.  We’ve seen it for awhile (everytime we go to Whole Foods) but always assumed they were similar to a Five Guys.  I read a review recently that Elevation Burger had really good veggie burgers and today, the day after a horribly hangover from a wedding, I wanted a veggie burger with fries.

Elevation Burger sets itself apart from Five Guys and other fast food burger joints by claiming to be an organic and environmentally friendly restaurant.  Okay.  I just liked that they had outdoor seating and it was nice weather today.

Jeremy and I tried the Veggie Burger #1 (fire-roasted taste) and Veggie Burger #2 (tastes like veggies).  We both got fries (cookedin 100% olive oil) and Jeremy got a chocolate malt milkshake (because he’s apparently pregnant).


Its not a very good photo – it was taken with my phone.


The wrappers are printed with Elevation Burger’s philosophy.

I think the total bill for the entire meal was around $20.  Would I go back?  Heck yeah.  It hit the spot (especially the fries).

Yesterday, during my massive hangover day – I got a pizza from Pasta Mista in Canton.  I got the “zappatore” pizza (grilled eggplants and mushrooms) and it was f’n awesome.  I didn’t snap a picture because it took every ounce of energy to go get the damn thing.

So 2 reviews (sort of).

Yum!  I’ll blog about the wedding (or what I remember of it) later.  Again, I think I’m getting too old to be blacking out and throwing up on the side of Jeremy’s car.  What do you think?



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