Elevation Burger Review

Its been awhile since I’ve written about any of the places Jeremy and I have eaten around Baltimore.  We still go out to eat… I just forget to snap photos and/or write about it. 

This afternoon, Jeremy and I tried out Elevation Burger in Harbor East.  We’ve seen it for awhile (everytime we go to Whole Foods) but always assumed they were similar to a Five Guys.  I read a review recently that Elevation Burger had really good veggie burgers and today, the day after a horribly hangover from a wedding, I wanted a veggie burger with fries.

Elevation Burger sets itself apart from Five Guys and other fast food burger joints by claiming to be an organic and environmentally friendly restaurant.  Okay.  I just liked that they had outdoor seating and it was nice weather today.

Jeremy and I tried the Veggie Burger #1 (fire-roasted taste) and Veggie Burger #2 (tastes like veggies).  We both got fries (cookedin 100% olive oil) and Jeremy got a chocolate malt milkshake (because he’s apparently pregnant).


Its not a very good photo – it was taken with my phone.


The wrappers are printed with Elevation Burger’s philosophy.

I think the total bill for the entire meal was around $20.  Would I go back?  Heck yeah.  It hit the spot (especially the fries).

Yesterday, during my massive hangover day – I got a pizza from Pasta Mista in Canton.  I got the “zappatore” pizza (grilled eggplants and mushrooms) and it was f’n awesome.  I didn’t snap a picture because it took every ounce of energy to go get the damn thing.

So 2 reviews (sort of).

Yum!  I’ll blog about the wedding (or what I remember of it) later.  Again, I think I’m getting too old to be blacking out and throwing up on the side of Jeremy’s car.  What do you think?



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3 responses to “Elevation Burger Review

  1. Oh my goodness yum! Now I need a veggie burger and fries 🙂

    It was good stuff!

  2. fromatopink

    Those are two of my favorite “go to” fast food places. And sadly I live on the other side of the harbor so I don’t go to either frequently enough. But mmm, I’m starving now.

    But there are so many good places to eat on your side of town too! I’ll admit though that they feel so far away. 🙂

  3. I have seen Elevation Burger, but was unaware that they have veggie burgers. And let me tell you, I love me some veggie burgers. So, was VegBurger #1 or VegBurger#2 better? I must stop by and consume some of this goodness. Off to Harbor East!

    I would go with Veg Burger #2.

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