I Am Too Old…

Yeah yeah yeah – another post dedicated to feeling like an old fart.  Well, I can’t help it.  I feel like an old fart sometimes.

But this post isn’t so much about feeling old as it is perhaps about maybe being TOO old to behave the way that I did at a wedding on Friday.

Without further ado (and again, congrats Amy & Eric!  We had a blast at your wedding!), I am too old…

… To drink to the point of blacking out.  Looking back at photos from the wedding and realizing that I don’t remember taking a few of them is something that I should have grown out of by now.

… To break out the finger guns as a hot new dance move.  I don’t really recall how much I may have done this but it apparently was a hit.  I brought back finger guns.  Oh yeah.

… To make people (even the bride!) beg my husband to let us stay out later when I clearly am about to die.  Jeremy was pissed at me for this since I basically made him look like the party pooper when he was really just being a good husband and knew that I was about to pass out in a pool of my own puke.

… To throw up on the side of Jeremy’s car.  No really – unless I have the flu or something, this is unacceptable.  There was vomit encrusted all over the side of Jeremy’s car.  Let’s just say he was NOT happy with me.  Let’s also say that he wouldn’t really talk to me until I cleaned it.  Nothing is more humbling than scrubbing your vomit off of your husband’s car while a 10 year old child watches you.  I felt like I was dishing out a lesson in what not to do.

… To be so hungover the next day that it takes every ounce of energy I have to go get a pizza.  I will say that I was mature enough to know that I wouldn’t settle for some of the crap pizza places that would have delivered to my house.  oh no no no – I drove my ass to pick up the delightfully delicious pizza that doesn’t deliver because I deserved it.

I think my excessive drinking was due to my depression about not being able to run.  I wasn’t planning on drinking at all at this wedding because I was scheduled to do a 16 mile training run the next morning.  I think the fact that I couldn’t run and was surrounded by fun people I hadn’t seen in awhile (mostly because I’m lame and all of my free time revolves around running), I went a little overboard.

And by a little, I mean black-out college drunk overboard.

Good times!

I’d post some pictures but I’m trying to be more concientious of posting pics of friends on my blog when they didn’t necessarily want the entire blogosphere to see them.  So you get no pics.  I will say that I look awake and lively in all of the pictures (even the ones I don’t remember taking) so that’s a good sign.

But really… I’m getting a wee bit old for this, no?



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5 responses to “I Am Too Old…

  1. I hope I’m exactly like you in a few years.
    (And yes, there *is* something more humbling than scrubbing your own vomit off your husband’s car. It’s scrubbing your own vomit out of your new boyfriend’s mattress. Mm-hmm.)

    ha! Okay, you have me beat. 🙂

  2. It gets away on the best of us sometimes.
    I think you were punished enough (see: cleaning puke under watchful 10-year-old’s eye, total loss of next day) that you don’t have to do any more atoning. 🙂

    Ooh – I like that. I totally atoned for my behavior.

  3. Eh, it happens to the best of us. You paid a fair price – at that point you can only hope it was worth it (sounds like it was – finger guns ha!).

    I wish I had a picture of the awesome finger guns!

  4. I feel you on the getting too old for stuff. This past weekend I stayed out until 3am both Friday and Saturday night. Even though Saturday I didn’t have much to drink I still hurled in my front yard. I blame it on exhaustion, but still…who hurls after 4 beers nowadays?

    I hate getting older.

    I’m impressed that you stayed out to 3am two nights in a row!

  5. smack

    girl, let it slide. I go through this self beating every once in a while too and ask myself “is this where I really wanted to be at this age?” and get all down in the crapper. you’re alright, just feeling the drunk guilties.

    be a darling and move on.


    haha! I think its the long recovery time that makes me feel even older. I want my 21 year old liver back.

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