Be a Darling

Its inevitable.  Every semester in graduate school brings on another group project.  And every semester, I end up with at least one super turd in my group.

This is my last semester so I have found that I have even less tolerance for bullshit and super turds.

My current group is comprised of:

  • Me – an awesome business analyst
  • Another awesome girl who also works full-time
  • A young turd
  • A super turd

I really thought young turd was going to be enemy #1 because he rattled off some bullshit excuses as to why he hardly has free time to work on the project.  No really – he basically said he can’t contribute much to the project.

But even so – I can deal with someone not contributing more than an overzealous super turd.

Just to keep things simple, I’ll condense this story to the following bullet points:

  • We are working on a real world project (a company commissioned my school to perform testing, data analysis and design).
  • Another group from another class working with another professor (the one that owns the project) are also working on this project.
  • Our professor is working with the owning professor.  Our professor told us, for simplicity’s sake, to deal directly with her.
  • Super turd elected ME to be “team leader”.  Basically, I was asked to coordinate communications amongst the group, compile final documents and send them to our professor.

Over the weekend, I had sent our professor a document from our group to review.  Super turd, against what our professor told us to do, sent that same document to the OTHER professor.  I thanked him but reminded him what our professor said and to keep things simple, let’s continue following our professor’s instructions.

So that turned into a back and forth where he finally berated me (over e-mail) and said, “What are you trying to do to the team.”  And then instructed me to “move forward with important tasks“.

Oh hell to the no.

Even so, I talked to my professor to clarify what we’re supposed to be doing because maybe I really was wrong.  But I wasn’t.  I was right. 

Regardless, our professor told us we needed to coordinate with the other team for meetups and such.  Because super turd had pissed me off beyond belief, I said that in the best interest of the team (since I was clearly upsetting some folks) – I was stepping down from coordination.

Again – I don’t need the bullshit.

So this is what super turd writes to me:

Please continue with your good work and coordinate the team as usual, OK, be a darling. Don’t be a Palin, ha ha ha, just a joke as Sarah Palin quit her job in Alaska.

Since you already have our availability list, I think you can arrange some dates with the IS 805 team.

What.the.fuck.  I’m not sure at what point I became his secretary?  And be a darling?  BE! A! DARLING?! 

I’m trying to calm down and not take things so personally but be a darling?  Are you fucking kidding me?  I am fuming just typing that.  I know I’m taking it a wee bit personally but fuck that bullshit. 

I want to tell him, “why don’t you be a dear and fuck off?”

Ugh… I need to be mature… I need to be mature…  I’m trying to repeat that mantra so get through this but I really just want to punch him in the face.



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11 responses to “Be a Darling

  1. no joke i look forward to your posts every day! they make me laugh so hard. our humor is very similar 🙂

    Aw – thanks! This comment means a lot since I feel like not a lot of people get me (unless they really know me). And this comment actually made me forget for a minute how much I want to punch super turd in the face! 🙂

  2. LOL You crack me up! Though, I’m right there with you. WTF? Be a darling? Really?

    I tend to be the kind that takes everything personally. I have, at least, learned this about myself. I now know I need to walk away for a day sometimes and come back to it tomorrow when I’m not so pissed off. Otherwise, I would start with something like, “I’m sorry that you are apparently so effing stupid that you cannot make heads nor tails of this situation. However…”

    Good luck with your project. This makes me not want to ever go back to school. Group projects and super turds.

    Ooh – I like your conversation starter. I tried to let this settle overnight but I’m still just as mad today as I was yesterday when I got that message.

  3. Hey, can you be a darling and get me a coffee? Also, check my messages and I’ll need you to take dictation when you’re through. Thanks.

    And that’s the exact tone I got from his e-mail. Seriously – be a darling?!

  4. On the immature side, I am with you…punch super turd.

    On the mature, professional, and super devious side….I would elect super turd team leader in front of the entire team citing that since super turd seems to know what’s best for the team super turd should have led in the first place.

    Oh believe me – that’s exactly what I plan to do.
    “Since you took control of working with the other professor, I relinquish control of coordinating with that group to you. Thanks.”

  5. You could take down Super Turd. And then when you sit on him and dangle spit in his face and make him hit himself, say, “Be a darling. Stop hitting yourself, Super Turd.”

    If only I could dangle spit! 🙂

  6. Oh Hell Naw!!!

    You are better than I because I would pull superturd to the side and educate him on the fact that I am not one of his drinking or frat buddies and he needs to had a more professional demeanor with me. This is graduate school and there is a way to work with people.

    What an ass-hat!

    I have to say all of these comments make me feel better (like perhaps I am NOT taking it too personally and that it was a comment that was out of line).

  7. Jen

    I would be just as offended at the “don’t be a Palin” part. What a fucktardo!

    Fucktardo… I love it!

  8. I would have LOST MY SHIT.

    Sorry you have to deal with that – that is sooo lame!

    I lost my shit at my desk… but didn’t respond in e-mail. Lucky for me, the rest of my teammates agree that the guy is a douchebag.

  9. Vonni

    Be sure when you “try” hand over the coordination reigns that you also say Be a darling when he declines.

    He’s a a total asshat…and I would have lost my shit all over his Sarah Palin be a darlin ass.

    Vonni! Haha… that last sentence had me in tears!

  10. Huh. And apparently he’s too much of an asshat to assume any kind of responsibility. Dooooooouche!


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