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Trying to Listen to My Body

After receiving a comment from Running Shorts about the magic of Active Release Technique, I googled it and found a local licensed practice that was certified in ART.

After taking a week off of marathon training and with the Baltimore 1/2 marathon on Saturday, I was getting desperate.  I poo-pooed going to a physical therapist when I first experienced pain because Jeremy had been going to one in August and he really doesn’t seem in any better shape now than he did when he first started going.

I knew what the problem was with my knee.  I had a classic case of ITBS.   I knew the PT exercises to help loosen/stretch the IT band.  I had been icing it regularly and taking ibuprofen to reduce inflammation.

After dancing the night away at a wedding this past weekend, I experienced NO pain.  I was overjoyed and thought that perhaps I was ready to start running (slowly) again.

I tried to run on the treadmill yesterday.  My body basically told me to go fuck myself and I stopped running after about 10 seconds.  I experienced pain in my knee for the rest of the day.

I finally sucked it up and called the local clinic (that I’m not linking to because I don’t want them to find this blog and think I’m crazy and not want to help me anymore.  But if you live in Baltimore and are interested in checking them out, contact me and I’ll pass along their info).

Today was my first appointment and they were super nice.  After going through an exam of my leg, the doc felt that I showed good signs of not being seriously injured (no tears or other serious problems).  He then used his magic hands to intensely rub my IT band from glute (aka my butt) to my tibia (shin).  It was like a deep tissue massage but with movement.  He was constantly having me move my leg into different positions.

I have to say that I felt like new when it was done.  The doc described what ART really does but I don’t really remember.  It does something like break down the buildup around whatever problem area we’re having.  Or something like that.  I was too busy feeling relieved to pay attention.

I optimistically asked if he thought I’d be ready for my marathon.  He felt confident that I would be ready in time.

I then asked VERY optimistically if he thought I’d be okay to run the Baltimore 1/2 marathon on Saturday.   He did NOT feel that it was a good idea.

So here I am… I’m out $75 (I missed the 1/2 marathon deferrment date), I’m falling into a deeper depression about getting off track with training and everytime I see a runner, I want to cry.

Perhaps thats why I hate that super turd as much as I do (although most of your comments made me feel pretty justified in my anger). 

I’m incredibly stubborn so it is taking EVERYTHING I have to NOT run on Saturday.  I’m dying to run.  The weather is cool, I feel good right now… and I’m tired of NOT running.  But is it really worth injuring myself worse and potentially missing the FULL marathon (my only real goal)?  No.

Yarg!  I’m so frustrated right now.  I’m going to go for regular ART sessions for the next 2 weeks and see where I am at that point.  The doc is great and understands the need to get back into training as quickly as possible. 

So – please entertain me with something.  Help me get my mind off of not running!


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