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Candy Corn

I’m going to try to stop being Debbie Downer.  I don’t like being Debbie Downer.  I think feeling like Debbie Downer will eventually lead to me feeling like Suicidal Suzy and this really needs to stop.  Its just running.  I don’t have any sort of terminal illness. 

With that said… I went swimming last night.  For those of you that know me, I loathe swimming.  I don’t know what it is about putting my head under water whilst physically exerting myself that makes me think I’m drowning.  Regardless, I went with my awesome marathoning friend (who is running in my place tomorrow) and I have to say, I’m glad I did.  I felt like a big mopey turd all day yesterday until I swam.  I swam 500 meters of freestyle and 400 meters of the breaststroke.  Go me.

No my arms and back are killing me but at least it feels like I did something!

I’m trying really hard not to continue my monster bingefest of a diet since I started marathon training.  Running for a few hours will turn you into an eating machine where you would willingly eat strange combinations of whatever is in your pantry because you just can satify your insatiable hunger.

Strangely – I’ve gotten used to eaten whatever the f I want.  And by strangely I mean awesomely wonderful.  However, now that I’m not logging any miles (or any sort of intense cardio) – I should really cut back. 

Before you get all, “you’re not fat!” on me – I’m not saying that.  I’m just saying that eating nonstop crap while not actually working out generally leads to not good stuff that would probably negatively impact my training once I get back on track.  That’s all.

But still.  Its Halloween season and that means CANDY CORN.

I realize that candy corn is disgusting to most people and quite frankly, I don’t enjoy any other time of year.  But in October something happens to my body’s chemistry and candy corn turns into a highly addictive substance that I crave.

When I get my hands on a bag, I just eat it.  Nonstop.  I keep mindlessly eating it even when my stomach hurts and my head is pounding from all the sugar.  I just can’t stop.

I have managed to avoid candy corn so far but yesterday I went to Mia’s house and was horrified/delighted to see a bowl of candy corn.

So I helped myself to a few.

And then a few more.

And then just a couple of more.

I had to run out of the house just to stop myself.

And now I am DYING for some more candy corn.

Get in my belly!

Get in my belly!

What’s your favorite candy around this time of year?


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