Trip Down Memory Lane

I’m not sure what prompted me to pull out my middle school yearbooks (okay, yes I do.  I was doing a little Facebook stalking and saw that a few folks had scanned in old high school pictures…).

F high school pictures.  My high school pictures are not nearly as embarrassing as my middle school pictures.  I like to call these 3 years my “really ridiculously awful and awkward” phase.  I wore gigantic clear plastic framed glasses like I was Sally Jesse Raphael (the bigger the glasses, the closer to god, right?  Or something like that).

But I couldn’t just embarrass myself.  Nope – Jeremy and I went to the same middle school.  His pictures, however, are adorable but hopefully he’ll cringe just a little…


That’s me in the 6th grade.  I hated this picture so much that I felt the need to color myself with a highlighter.  Now I look like Shrek.  It is difficult to see my tidal wave bangs hairdo and my Bum Equipment sweatshirt.


Seriously – these glasses take up most of my face.  Hot stuff.


New glasses!  What you can’t really see here is that I’m wearing a choker and a pirate ruffled shirt.  Hot stuff.  And check out my caterpillar eyebrows.  Holy hell.

And we can’t forget this gem from 8th grade:


What a terrible caption.  But can you see that I’m wearing an oversized flannel with super light jeans?  Oh the early 90’s.  That dude next to me was one of my best friends in middle school.

Awhile ago, Jeremy found one of my old notebook diaries (well – it was like a shared diary with a friend… we would write notes to each other and pass the notebook back and forth).  One of my notes was dedicated to how ugly I felt and how nobody liked me and I how felt like such a turd.  Okay, I didn’t use turd but I definitely complained about being an ugly duckling.

If I could go back in time and talk to my middle school self – I’d tell her that things were going to get better.   No really.  She’d grow out of this awkward phase fairly quickly.  I’d also introduce her to some sensible glasses and a pair of tweezers.

Now I bring you Jeremy.  He was a grade below me so I only have 2 pictures…


Adorable!  How is it possible that his class picture is not embarrassing?


Love that hair.

It still seems so weird to me that Jeremy and I went to the same middle school and never knew each other.

Want to share your embarrassing photos?



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10 responses to “Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. So you guys didn’t discover until much later that you went to the same school? You had no idea at the time? That is so weird, and so cute.

    I love these pictures! I want to do this, dig up old photos and embarrass myself. Someday maybe.

    No idea. I recognized him from high school but didn’t really know him (when I saw him around the office, I had to ask a friend of mine that went to our high school if she remembered his name).

    And please share your photos!

  2. Um totally. I plan on making this, this evening’s project. How exciting 🙂

    And your eyebrows were nothing compared to mine! Be forewarned 🙂

    Haha! Yes! I can’t wait to see your pictures.

  3. Meredith

    I know I am a few years older than you but I’m impressed you made it thru middle school without having the Aqua-Net claw of banging sitting prominently on your forehead. That style dominated my middle school years. Fortunately my yearbooks are in Connecticut so I can unable to share my awkward years! 🙂

    Seriously those glasses take up half your face. Jeremy did have cute photos…no fair. Its adorable that you guys went to school together and didn’t know each other till later in life.

    No plans to go to Connecticut anytime soon to pick up your yearbooks? 🙂

  4. I share the same glasses progression. lol Big plastic frams to round wire ones. Oooo, hot stuff. I must say, though, I dont think your pics are all too bad. I would be embarrassed to even post mine. I had the ratted up bangs thing going on. It was dreadful.

    I’m disappointed that I didn’t have more crazy hair. My 6th grade pic did have the crazy bangs but its difficult to see since my hair is black.

    And bless you for thinking my pics aren’t bad!

  5. Grace

    Haha, this really brought me back too! The black cloth necklaces with the huge metal charms, fluffy blouses, the oversized flannel shirts, huge glasses and notebooks that we passed around between friends for “notes”. Oh, becoming of age in the 90’s.

    I’m glad that notebook thing wasn’t just a my school thing. I loved it! I want to bring that back.

  6. Kt

    Jeremy’s hair in the 2nd photo is hilarious. I actually don’t think they are all that bad. Although the one with the flannel shirt with light jeans is pretty great!

    I am not sure if I could post mine! Maybe eventually. But funny how I think Ian’s photos of him growing up aren’t quite as bad as mine – why is it the boys look cute during their awkward phases?!

    Its so unfair, isn’t it?

  7. Oh, you are my hero. So awesome!

    My middle school self could have really used that compliment. 🙂

  8. I had those same gigantic glasses, too!!!

    yes! So its not crazy to say I wore them because they were in style. Other people wore them too!

  9. love those pictures! they are great!!


  10. I think middle school is just one gigantic awkward phase. It’s there specifically with the purpose of giving everyone else blackmail material when we get older.
    My middle school crime, along with the obnoxious jesus t-shirts, was a pair of lime-green metallic lizard barrettes with googly eyes.

    I think I need photographic evidence.

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