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Disappointing Purchase

I love Etsy.  I obsessively look at it and all the pretty things you can buy.

However, I never buy things from Etsy.  I have no idea why.  I just don’t.  I just like to look.

I’d been obsessively looking for a large cocktail ring.  It is still something I’m dying to have more of but this led me to scour the pages of Etsy.  I found one that I was absolutely in love with:



So big.  So pretty.

It was $40 but each ring was “custom made”.  You could choose to keep the ring in a copper finish or have the pretty “oxidized” look pictured above.

I went back and forth for a couple of weeks.  I thought about this ring often (what a sad life I lead).  Finally – I took the plunge.  A friend convinced me that it was a sound purchase and I’d be supporting a crafter.

The seller couldn’t have been nicer.  S/he responded quickly to my payment and within a week, I got a notice (with a tracking number – love that!) that the ring was being sent.  I also received a note saying that s/he threw in “something extra” for me.

I was so excited to receive this package.  It felt like Christmas.

But then I opened the box.  And I looked at the ring that I was so happy to order.  And it was not the ring pictured above.

random 001

random 003

The pictures don’t do it justice (and please ignore my scraggly finger nails).  I looked at the ring and what I saw was a middle school project.

I don’t want to knock the seller especially since I’m looking at MY photos and the ring doesn’t look half bad.  I guess the ring doesn’t translate well into reality.  😦

So I’m out $40 and own a ring that I won’t wear.

The “something extra” was a thin, silver band that I LOVE.  Worth $40?  Not so much.  But I am wearing it all the time now.

Anywho – just felt like bitching to the blogosphere!  Anyone ever order something disappointing from Etsy?  What did you do?


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