Disappointing Purchase

I love Etsy.  I obsessively look at it and all the pretty things you can buy.

However, I never buy things from Etsy.  I have no idea why.  I just don’t.  I just like to look.

I’d been obsessively looking for a large cocktail ring.  It is still something I’m dying to have more of but this led me to scour the pages of Etsy.  I found one that I was absolutely in love with:



So big.  So pretty.

It was $40 but each ring was “custom made”.  You could choose to keep the ring in a copper finish or have the pretty “oxidized” look pictured above.

I went back and forth for a couple of weeks.  I thought about this ring often (what a sad life I lead).  Finally – I took the plunge.  A friend convinced me that it was a sound purchase and I’d be supporting a crafter.

The seller couldn’t have been nicer.  S/he responded quickly to my payment and within a week, I got a notice (with a tracking number – love that!) that the ring was being sent.  I also received a note saying that s/he threw in “something extra” for me.

I was so excited to receive this package.  It felt like Christmas.

But then I opened the box.  And I looked at the ring that I was so happy to order.  And it was not the ring pictured above.

random 001

random 003

The pictures don’t do it justice (and please ignore my scraggly finger nails).  I looked at the ring and what I saw was a middle school project.

I don’t want to knock the seller especially since I’m looking at MY photos and the ring doesn’t look half bad.  I guess the ring doesn’t translate well into reality.  😦

So I’m out $40 and own a ring that I won’t wear.

The “something extra” was a thin, silver band that I LOVE.  Worth $40?  Not so much.  But I am wearing it all the time now.

Anywho – just felt like bitching to the blogosphere!  Anyone ever order something disappointing from Etsy?  What did you do?



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7 responses to “Disappointing Purchase

  1. Oh sad! I haven’t ever been disappointed and I’ve bought quite a few things. That is a huge bummer.

    It is! I’m trying to figure out how to “fix” this ring so that I’ll at least wear it once or twice…

  2. Maybe the problem is how it’s set on the band? It looks too square to me. It would definitely look even a teensy bit better had the ‘flower’ been set at an angle.

    I’m sorry you’re out $40, that just blows.

    Yes! Its too square. I wish I could fix it.

  3. Oh sad. Etsy has great stuff, but there’s always that risk factor. Fortunately I’ve never been disappointed with a purchase, but I hold my breath every time.

    You could contact the seller and let her know it’s not what you expected and see if there’s anything she can do. You never know…

    Is that breaking any sort of etiquette? I feel bad because s/he was so nice so I don’t want to offend. Oy!What to do.

  4. I am sorry you were disappointed! I am weird about buying stuff without being able to see and touch it myself. I am sure if you told the seller you didn’t love it, you could send it back, but I understand why you wouldn’t want to.

    Smile! 🙂

    I love to online shop but that is TOTALLY my problem. I need to see something in person. I need to touch it. I’ve been successful a few times with shoes (thus increasing my confidence with online purchases) but I think this ring just sent me back to hesitating again. Ugh!

  5. I don’t think it’s breaking etiquette. Just be equally nice! Say the ring is great, but it’s not what you had expected.

    Maybe she’ll let you send that one back to resell, and she’ll make a new one for you. Or maybe not, but it’s worth asking.

    Hhmm… I’ll review her return policy. Why do I have such guilt over this?

  6. Kim return it! Don’t feel bad. It is what it is…I mean that ring looks like it was made a tarnished pot and it SO doesn’t look like the pic as adverstised; custom made or not!

    I feel like I’VE been punked. LOL

    Maybe you should handle this for me. 🙂

  7. I bought a jewelry box that looked like a nice sized green wood box. Turned out to be a very cheap looking plastic, and big enough for about 4 buttons. I dealt with it the same way I deal with most of life’s problems; by wrapping it in an old t-shirt and shoving it to the bottom of my hat bin where I don’t have to look at it. Problem solved.

    And that’s exactly how I like to deal with things too.

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