Contagious Rotten Teeth

I know I’ve written about my dental woes but now it seems that rotten teeth are contagious in my household.

No, Jeremy still has perfect teeth (that annoying turd) but my doggies both have some problems.

We took Petie & Emily for their annual exam.  And wouldn’t you know it also happened to be their 3 year vaccination anniversary!  Let’s just say that this visit was not cheap (despite having pet insurance).

The vet started her exam and as soon as she looked at Petie’s teeth, she sort of gasped.  Not in a judgemental way but in a “wow – his teeth are BAD” kind of way.  Mind you – every vet visit always yielded compliments on how well their teeth look so this caught us completely off guard.

Petie has a rotten incisor.  And the teeth on that side of his mouth are completely covered in buildup from not chewing on that side.

We didn’t even notice.  😦

Emily was next and we were sure nothing would be wrong with her.  I mean, Petie is 12 years old so perhaps rotting teeth just come with age? 

The vet opened Em’s mouth and said, “she’s got 2 broken teeth!”

Um, what? 

She showed Jeremy and wouldn’t you know… Em’s got 2 broken molars.

I said that she hasn’t shown any signs of pain.  Neither she nor Petie hesitate to eat or whimper when chewing. 

Regardless – pulling a rotton incisor isn’t terribly expensive (according to the vet but I beg to differ)… its the molars that are costly.  We have to have all of these bad teeth pulled or they could lead to infection… and that could lead to death and I am not ready for that.

Plus – what kind of vegetarian/animal lover would I be if I denied the health of my pets?!

We got a “rough” estimate of the dental work (rough because they won’t know just how difficult it will be to pull Em’s molars until they try) and its about $2k. 


They also have to be put under and that freaks me out.  Did I mention that Petie is 12?  Emily is 9.  They’re not young pups.

Another fun part of this process is that we have to provide urine samples.  Petie won’t be a problem but Emily?  She squats.  And she spooks easily.  We’ll be chasing her around the yard with a ladel to catch her pee tomorrow morning.  Fun stuff!

Anyone ever “catch” a urine sample from their female dog?  Any tips?  Or should I just try to video record Jeremy collecting urine and post it to the blog?  🙂



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8 responses to “Contagious Rotten Teeth

  1. I’ve, thankfully, never had to get a dog urine sample, but getting one from the cat is always loads of fun. . .

    How did you collect cat urine??

  2. Meredith

    My vote is for letting Jeremy wing it while you videotape!

    I hope he’s game for that. 🙂

  3. Kt

    Totally videotape it. But I had to do this with my old dog. I would recommend keeping them on a leash so you don’t spook them as much – and actually i think it’s harder for a boy dog!

    I can see trying to catch Petie’s pee resulting in it splashing all over the place. Em just hovers about 1/2 inch above the ground so I have no idea how we’ll get her pee.

  4. Your blog is so inspiring for me to get off the couch and start running. I definitely need too!

    I’m glad I can inspire someone!

  5. Vonni

    Tie a little plastic cup around her like a diaphragm. That’s the only suggestion I could come up with. She’ll hate you forever and we wont’ see great video…but there you go. As for the cat, I let them get it directly from her bladder with a needle. Yes my cat hates me. But she’d hate me more if I got in the cat box with her.

    Haha – I love the idea of tying something to her but we actually managed to “catch” her pee with a ladle. 🙂

  6. Oh man, you have to do the urine samples? Must be tough business! ahaha Well I am glad that you have pet insurance…it will help out with bill!

  7. I have to catch Molly’s pee every once in a while. I put her on the leash, and lock it so it’s kind of short. Then I use one of those nice, fairly shallow ziploc reusable tupperware bowl things. It scoots under super nice and she usually doesn’t seem to care that I do it.

    We managed to use the ladle successfully! It was a two person operation though. One to distract Emily and the other (me) to covertly scoot the ladle under her.

  8. Wow. Catching dog pee. That’s a new one for me. Good luck!

    It wasn’t as difficult as I imagined it would be… but I don’t think I could have done it alone.

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