Reality TV Chatter

I’ve mentioned several times that I’m a tv addict.  It is a sad life, I admit, but I love tv.  There are so many great shows as well as shows that were once great that I’m still holding onto (I’m looking at you, Grey’s Anatomy).

One of my guilty pleasures is reality tv although I think I’m one of the few people that does not watch The Bachelor, Survivor or The Biggest Loser (I only watch it in passing).  My favorite reality shows right now are:

  • The Amazing Race
  • Top Chef
  • Project Runway (and Models of the Runway)
  • The Real Housewives of [insert any of the cities except for Orange County]

If you notice, most of the shows are on Bravo (or stupid Lifetime).  Because I’m a tv addict and am dedicated to these shows (and get really really angry when people tweet or chat about it in their Facebook status before I’ve had a chance to watch the damn show), I thought I’d share some recent thoughts on the shows.

The Amazing Race

I still hold out hope that J and I will compete on this show.  I regret that I only got into the show last season because I’d like to see all of the past winners.  For this season, I was rooting for Zev and Justin.  I was really upset when they lost (they lost their passport!).  Now I’m rooting for Flight Time and Big Easy (from the Harlem Globetrotters). 

This past episode resulted in the departure of the 2 poker players, Maria and Tiffany.  They irritated me most of the show but I really couldn’t help but feel bad for Tiffany (the white girl).  I’m not sure when she was deemed the pack mule but she ended up doing EVERY physical challenge.  She always ended up being the one to carry heavy bags, push carts, etc. 

This last challenge was tough on them because it was a test of strength.  While I’m all for girl power – they really were at a disadvantage.  They just didn’t have the strength to complete the challenges (they tried both).  It was the first time I really felt bad for them – and a little irritated with Amazing Race for making such a requirement.

Top Chef

Natalie Portman was the guest judge!  I was chatting with T yesterday and we both admitted to having serious girl crushes on her.  I think Natalie Portman is GORGEOUS and she just seems so down to earth and awesome.  Wow – I sound really creepy right now.

I love that she’s a vegetarian too.  She recently posted a great article in The Huffington Post about why she went vegan (Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals Turned Me Vegan) – that book immediately went into my Amazon wishlist. 

So the challenge was that the chefs had to cook inventive vegetarian dinners for Natalie and her friends.  It was hilarious to see the chefs freak out and it was also refreshing to hear a celebrity vegetarian lament about the difficulties of going out to a restaurant and only being offered a mashup of side items. 

I was surprised that Mike was sent home.  He should have dominated this challenge since he runs a mediterranean tapas restaurant and he admitted that his mom was a vegan!  WTF?  I think he was sent home for (1) being cocky and (2) being an idiot.  When did leeks constitute a protein?  He tried to be clever but didn’t really think the challenge through.  Plus I think the show keeps Robin on for “drama”.

Project Runway

I’m going to admit it.  This is the first season where I don’t give a crap about any of the designers.  They bore me.  This season BORES me but I still tune in.  I’m not sure what changed.  Perhaps I hate that they’re filming in LA?  Or maybe I don’t find any of their designs exciting?  The designers, while most seem very nice (clearly I’m not talking about Meana Irena), are just so frickin’ boring.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

I don’t have much to say about The Real Housewives except that I went from loving NeNe to not really liking her at all this season.  When did she become such a turd and how can anyone be mean to Kandee?  Kandee is the nicest one on the damn show!

Wow – did this post bore you to tears?  I really just wanted to chat about these shows and not a lot of people I know watch all of the same shows as I do (most notably The Amazing Race and The Real Housewives).  I need more tv addicted friends!



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4 responses to “Reality TV Chatter

  1. A) LOVE Amazing Race and I would totally root for you & your husband, should you get on the show.

    B) ALL about Zev & Justin – so sad to see them go.

    C) LOVE Flight Time & Big Easy and love that they have fun with it!

    D) Agree – couldn’t stand those two but that was NOT fair that they physically were unable to do it because they didn’t have a man (though clearly until then Tiffany was “the man” or at least her lazy partner thought so!)

    E) If you ever do make it on the show – PROMISE me you’ll go down the damn waterslide if one million dollars is at stake?!!!?

    OMG – I can’t believe I forgot to chat about the ridiculous Mika and Canaan waterslide incident!! I am TERRIFIED of heights but even I would have sucked it up and gone down the damn slide!

  2. Christen

    I thought I was the only person left in the world who watched The Amazing Race. I could totally see you and Jeremy doing that need to audition!

    Ha! I thought WE were the only people who watched the show!

  3. My Friend has me hooked on the Amazing race too. We are constantly making our game plan for when we go on the show. lol Who would do what. Who the impatient one is. Who has the temper. Who would have to read the cards. Etc, etc, etc.

    I was sad to see Mika and Canaan go. I found it completely rediculous that she cried like a baby, but then I figured something really bad must have happened to her at some point in life because she was deathly afraid of all water. But how could you go on an adventure like that and not expect to have your utmost fears tested? Um, hello!

    I was neither here nor there on Tiffany and Maria. I couldn’t figure them out. Were they geniune or weren’t they? I didn’t feel bad for them though. Those are the kinds of things you expect in a race like this. You expect to have all your skills, mentally and physically, tested.

    So I think now I’m cheering on the father and son duo – Gary and Matt. 🙂

    Good points! And I like Gary and Matt as well. Its funny to see them interact because they’re so different.

  4. Meredith

    ahhh…I totally want to go on the AR…can you ditch the hubby and take me instead? I promise to go headfirst down the waterslide of doom!

    What is with the new PR? They start every show talking about how sad it was that ‘so and so’ went home last week…they are all boring. I do kind of like the bitchy chick though just cause she keeps it interesting!!

    LOVE TC…my fav always 🙂 GO Kevin!

    I’m glad someone else agrees about PR!! I was on pins and needles for this season and its just so frickin’ disappointing.

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