My Body Continually Betrays Me

Brace yourself, I’ve got another Debbie Downer post. 

Just when I thought I was on the slow road to recovery… my body decides to have one last “fuck you” moment.

I ran 6 miles yesterday.  While it was pain free, it was not free from my huffing and puffing.  Seriously – this hiatus from running has zapped my endurance.  Someone told me that their PT said that for every 2 weeks off of training, you lose 50% of your endurance.  Is this true?  That seems a bit extreme… although it corresponds with my current performance.

I ran 5 miles on a treadmill (the doc told me I should try to run on a treadmill as much as I can) on Tuesday with minor sluggishness.  It definitely was not easy but it was doable.  However, yesterday’s run nearly killed me.  By mile 4 I was drained of energy.

I, however, need to ramp up mileage.  I was not going to quit at 4 miles when I set out to do 6.  So I decided to take the opportunity and employ the Galloway Method of running/walking.  I’ve been reading over the different ratios that correspond with specific paces and decided to go for the 9 min/mi pace ratio.  I generally fall into the 10 min/mi pace but the run/walk ratio is 3 min run and 1 min walk.  That seems a bit excessive. 

The 9 min/mi pace ratio is 4 min run and 1 min walk.  I prefer working in chunks of 5. 

Holy hell it worked.  I was able to crank out the additional 2 miles and felt pretty good afterwards.  The 1 minute walk is the perfect amount of recovery time after 4 minutes of running.  The 4 minute chunks of running are perfect because the first 2 minutes go by quickly and when the next 2 start to get a little tough, you get to walk for a minute. 

I’m an official believer in the Galloway Method.  However, I can’t imagine following the 4 min run – 1 min walk ratio for 26.2 miles.  Anyone ever do this for the entirety of a marathon before?  Clearly I won’t be finishing the marathon under 5 hours.  I don’t even know if I’ll finish under 6.  But at least there’s hope of finishing.

My doc cleared me to run 8 miles on Saturday.  After employing the Galloway Method so successfully yesterday, I think I might push it to 10 miles. 

I’d really like to get in at least one 15-17 mile long run before the marathon (so that leaves me with next Saturday) so that I can go into the marathon with some degree of confidence that I won’t die or that my legs won’t fall off.

So while I’ve been hanging onto this glimmer of hope that I’ll actually be able to participate in the Philly marathon, my body decides that it’s going to strain my lower back muscle.  And yes, this is the same strain that sent me to the ER on Mother’s Day.

Last night, I was simply putting clothes away and turned my body only to be met with a pain that I can only describe as being stabbed in the back.  The pain sent me to my knees and freaked my dogs into whimpering uncontrollably (as though I had actually been stabbed).

It wasn’t as bad as needing to go to the ER but ugh, really?  I need to crank out some miles tomorrow and you really want to behave like a 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum, body? 

I’ve been icing it on and off all day and stretching it (with the stretches the previous doc told me to do).  Its slowly getting better but I’m hoping for a miraculous recovery by tonight.

I need Mr. Miyagi to run my back with his magic hands.




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3 responses to “My Body Continually Betrays Me

  1. Kt

    SO glad that you’ve been able to get some miles in without pain. Ugh – but back pain now? So not cool.

    I know! Luckily, I can generally run through back pain. Probably not the smartest thing to do but I did it last time and managed to train for the 10-miler. 🙂

  2. Ugh. That sucks. Back pain is the WORST. It doesn’t matter how you move, it hurts. I hope it goes away soon. 😦

    It makes me feel like I’m 100 years old. But luckily it was so bad that I couldn’t run.

  3. kyla

    I have known a lot of people that have run marathons doing the galloway method and had great results. Hoping that you can get through it, and if not, maybe you can do the 1/2 and then sign up for a full one a little later once you have recovered. my husband and I are doing one in florida in february and many people are doing the galloway method for it.

    I wish I could just do the 1/2 but unfortunately I missed that cutoff (it was in September… I don’t know why it was so early!). But I’m glad to read that folks are able to successfully use the galloway method!

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