Insert Clever Phrase

I successfully ran 10 miles using the Galloway Method on Saturday.  Yippee!  And surprisingly, my pace was only slowed by about a minute (despite walking 20% of the entire distance).  I’m not sure what that says about my pace in general.  I am sloooow.

I felt pretty good throughout the run but had some difficulty when I got to mile 9.  My knee wasn’t aching but my legs felt like lead.  It was tough to push through but I did it.  Knowing you have only a mile can be really motivating.  Overall, the I took me 1 hour and 51 minutes to complete the distance.

I walked about 1 mile for my cool down and stopped off for coffee on the way home.  I really enjoyed this cool down walk.  It was chilly outside but it felt great.  The sun was shining and it just felt good to be outside. 

I immediately took an ice bath when I got home and employed some methods to keep warm that I learned from some blogs.  I kept on my running pullover and drank a cup of hot tea while sitting in the tub of ice water.  It worked beautifully despite my toes turning blue.

I wasn’t sore on Sunday or even today.  I think these are all good signs for potential marathon running!  I just need to get my legs used to running long distances again.  I’m really hoping that I can run between 15-17 miles this Saturday.  Fingers and toes are crossed.

I mentioned previously that I want to display my name on my t-shirt in hopes of people shouting my name to give me the boost I need to keep on moving.  It is a bit narcissistic but it really worked for me during the Iron Girl.  I also witnessed the mental boost when I was shouting the names of the marathoners.  How can you not smile when you get a personalized shout of encouragement?

But I don’t just want to write “KIM” on a t-shirt.  That’s boring.  Ever since reading this article in Runner’s World (Your Message Here), I really want to wear a shirt with a clever phrase.  But what?  I’m not really that clever.  I need something short and sweet.  I want something that acknowledges that:
– I’m slow
– I’m freaking out about turning 30
– I battled an injury to get here

It’s a lot, I know.  But I think I’d settle for a fart/poop joke.

Blogosphere, you’re a clever lot.  Got any suggestions?

** Update to add some suggestions I’ve received **

  1. If I turn around, I’ll be first
  2. Blood Type: O Positive.  Do resusciate!  (saw that online)
  3. This is much easier than my stint in the North Korean prison
  4. I immediately regret this decision
  5. Front: If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes. Back: At least you have a nice view.
  6. (printed upside down)  If you can read this, please carry me across the finish line
  7. If you make one comment about how slow I am…


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6 responses to “Insert Clever Phrase

  1. Meghan

    Hey Kim,
    Greg and I also use the Galloway method and we love it. I will probably always use it because it helps with my asthma (2 inhalers and I still wheeze sometimes!). My cousin (who is a big time marathoner) has the same thing happen with her legs and she takes packets of salt along while she is running. I have tried it and man, does it help. Your legs feel much lighter, it is crazy.
    BTW – This is my first comment on your blog! I have been reading it forever and never comment! And, I just wanted to say that I loved the post you did about our half marathon – at least, I think it was us. If it was, I want to say that you can see in the pictures that I ran it in BEFORE Greg! Haha!

    Packets of salt? Okay, I need more detail on this!!

    And I’m glad you finally commented!! Yes, the half marathon blurb was about you guys! I am so impressed and proud of you guys for taking on the half marathon and the full in January!

  2. 9 miles! That’s awesome!

    I wish I were clever. I am totally not. Some of the suggestions are good though.

    Thank you!

    And I’m not clever either which is why I’m asking everyone else for help! 🙂

  3. An ice bath! As in ice cold water in a bath tub? With you in it?

    Say what?

    Not just ice cold water… but with actual ice. Yes… it is what it sounds like… and it is awful!

  4. oh my gosh…congrats on the 10 miler! i am so glad galloway is working for you. I have always wanted to wear something clever on my shirt too, but never come up with anything, so I am no help there. But, I vote for #6.

    I’m hoping my leg fatigue will go away for this weekend’s run! I wish I could taper but unfortunately I need to squeeze in one last long run. This may be more mental than anything else though.

  5. #1 has my vote. Pretty much how I feel everytime I run a race!

    Me too!

  6. I’m with Ann Marie..#1 is gets vote!! (Wink) LOL


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