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There Are Days…

… when I feel like a super turd for complaining stupid shit.  For example, I cooked some amazing enchiladas on Sunday (I’ll post pics tomorrow) that involved cutting up a jalepeno.  That was Sunday.  I have washed and scrubbed my hands PLENTY since then but still cannot get my contacts in because my hands are still covered in jalepeno juice.  Do you want to know what it feels like to get jalepeno in your eye?  It feels like you are poking your eye with something sharp.  It is awful.  It will make you cry.  It will also make you look like an idiot when you are trying to hold the contact against your eye to somehow overcome the awful burning sensation.  And that was my morning.

But every so often, I’ll watch something on TV or read an article that makes my problems seem ridiculous.  Nicole blogged about a movie that chronicles an elderly deaf couple as they undergo cochlear implact surgery together so that they can hear for the first time… together.  And dammit, I cried when I read about this movie.  I don’t want to say that deaf people have a terrible life but these people aren’t taking a woe is me approach to things (not that I’ve seen the movie – I’m making this assumption).  And here I am bitching about jalapeno juice.

Then there was the article in November’s issue of RUnner’s World about competitive runner Jenny Crain.  She was hit by a car (1 mile from her house) and while she is still alive, she definitely is not running.  It was shocking to see her current pictures compared to those of when she was running.  She looks like a different person (and by reading the article – IS a different person).

Then I can’t forget about Matt Long.  Holy hell – this man was hit by a bus, dragged along for some distance, had his insides ripped open and completed a maraton (and an IronMan!).

If this doesn’t get me over my whole “boo hoo my knee hurts and I couldn’t run for a month and I’m going to do terribly at the marathon”, then I really am a super turd.

But seriously – this jalepeno juice is no joke!  I’m going to be soaking my hands in lemon juice followed by a quick scrub with bleach tonight. 

I’d also like to add that I sent a nasty e-mail to Runner’s World’s customer service to complain about their subscription renewal price.  I have somehow turned into my mother (who is only cheap when it comes to really random things).  I got a bill from Runner’s World to renew for 1 year for $19.97.  This same issue contained inserts advertising 1 year subscriptions for $12.  Um… huh?  So I tweeted to them (and they politely responded that it was an introductory rate).  But still – shouldn’t returning customers be recognized?  Their renewal apparently comes with 6 additional issues so it’s 18 issues for $19.97.  That roughly breaks down to $1.10/issue vs. $1/issue for the introductory subscription.  So yes… I am bitching about 10 cents. 

It’s the principle.

Clearly I need something to focus on these days because when I’m left feeling blah – I focus on 10 cents.

**Update about Runner’s World**

On top of my tweeting to Runner’s World, I sent a nice e-mail (I swear it was nice) to their customer service asking if they’d honor their insert price for a returning customer.  And wouldn’t you know, they will!  Yes – I argued about an additional $1.20… but score for Runner’s World and their good customer service.  I will renew for 2 years, thank you.



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