Vegan Cooking Fun

So that jalapeno juice I mentioned yesterday?  It was because of the magical vegan enchiladas I cooked on Sunday.  They were so good that Jeremy declared the sauce as “the best [he’s] ever had” and that I should make this dish for our meat-eating pals.

Another wonderful recipe from the Veganicom: Potato Kale Enchiladas With Roasted Chili Sauce.

(keep in mind that we only had purple potatoes… although I’m not sure you can really tell.  Just keep in mind that the mixture, if you choose to make it, will be lighter in color and not so purple.)

Potato-Kale mixture:

Potato-Kale mixture

Enchilada sauce:

Enchilada sauce





Half eaten enchiladas… that kind of look like I upchucked them back onto my plate for this picture but I swear that wasn’t the case.  They were just tough to get out of the pan neatly.

eaten enchiladas

Just enough spice and yumminess that I think even meat-eaters will enjoy this dish.  Click the link (above) for the recipe.


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  1. This sounds damn good. I heart Mexican food and I heart potatoes! I will definitely try this out.

    Just be sure to wear gloves (or plastic bags) on your hands if you’re handling jalapenos! Which, btw, I just realized aren’t actually called for in the recipe but I couldn’t find peppers.

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