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Sweet Potato, Corn and Jalapeño Bisque

Our CSA is hit or miss sometimes. However, we try to stock up on items that won’t go bad within a few days (like leafy greens). That means that we have a lot of potatoes and onions.

We split the CSA with another couple and recently my pal made a Spiked Sweet Potato Soup. That week we had a ton of sweet potatoes and some jalapenos.

Apparently this soup was a big hit and she highly recommended it.

I had some sweet potatoes that had been sitting around for about 2 weeks that I desperately need to use up. Jeremy isn’t a big fan of sweet potatoes but I thought that the spiciness of the soup might make up for it.

I looked at that recipe (linked above) and noticed another link to the “original” recipe. Although they’re basically the same, I printed out the original Sweet Potato, Corn and Jalapeño Bisque recipe instead. I think I just liked the fact that it didn’t mention needing a dutch oven.

However, in prepping the ingredients for the soup – I realized that I have no concept of weight and size. I was sure I had 2.5 lbs but after weighing the potatoes, I realized I was about 1.25 lbs short. I wasn’t about to go back to the grocery store so I used the purple potatoes that we had leftover.

So that was my only change – it was half sweet potatoes and half purple potatoes.

This was really easy to make and was the second time I’ve used the immersion blender (the one that we’ve had for 5 years). While it was quite tasty, it looked like diarrhea. The color wasn’t terribly appealing and there were chunks of corn in it. Gross, right?

And I couldn’t help but take pics of my dogs while I was prepping the meal. Every so often, I work from home and the dogs take this to mean that I can play with them all day long. Not so, little ones. And they were incredibly bored this particular day. Petie was so bored, in fact, that at one point I looked down to see that he was peeing on the floor right by me.




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