Eek! A Mouse!

For anyone that lives in Baltimore (or any large city) probably knows that there is usually an issue with rodents.  In some previous residencies, I have had issues with rats.  Very very large rats.   Maybe one day I’ll scan the photos and post them to this blog.  Some were as big as small cats.  Some were acrobatic (they jumped from kitchen counter to other counters across the room).  Some hoarded the dog food. 

I still shudder when I think about it.

Jeremy and I have lived in our current house for over 4 years and in that time, we have NEVER had a rat in the house.  NEVER.  We had a roach problem last summer but fumigated the house and haven’t seen another one since.

We have seen one mouse (and yes, it was a mouse. I know the difference) that was promptly killed by our dog.  He sensed the mouse behind our stove and when we pulled the stove out – the little field mouse scurried out and Petie slapped it down with his paw, bit it once and spit it out.  It was quite frightening. 

But again, never a rat.

Lately?  I’ve been hearing those familiar sounds of things in the walls that I haven’t heard since my previous rat-infested residence.  That scurrying across the ceiling, the scratching at the walls and it IS FREAKING ME OUT.

I blame our neighbors.  We’re sandwiched between 2 dirtballs whose homes are filled with more people than bedrooms can accomodate.  I want to move so badly but the market isn’t really conducive to us selling our home for anywhere near what we owe. 

I know I’m an animal-loving person, but I cannot handle a rat infestation in our house.  I just can’t do it.


** Update ** I found the pictures of the rats from one of my previous residences.  These are kind of gross so feel free to immediately close this browser (and apologies).  I just want to show a glimpse as to what a rat in your house looks like.

Also – for those vigilante vegetarians… these were taken before I became a crazy animal-loving veg.  I DID initially buy “happy traps” because the idea of killing mice was something I was not okay with but… they don’t make happy traps for rats.  And the snap traps seemed a little less cruel than the glue traps.

And these weren’t even the biggest of the rats that we had seen in the house.  We had called an exterminator who basically laughed and said there was nothing he could really do.  Luckily – I moved out shortly thereafter but GAH-ROSS!



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6 responses to “Eek! A Mouse!

  1. OMG. Rats in the house?!!! I. would. completely. freak. out. Mice & Roaches – I have dealt with and am still semi-traumatized. But RATS? oh man. I am SO, SO sorry.

    and your dog sounds hard core. My dog is a big wimp and would be up on the bed screaming with me.

    I was kind of shocked that my 10 lb mini dachshund dominated that mouse!

  2. Meredith


    I still tell the story of one day when I was dropping you off and I stopped the car to let what I thought was a cat cross in front of me only to have you inform me that it was a rat. A cat sized rat!! I cross my fingers that the sounds are just your effed up neighbors and not signs of an infestation!!

    Hahaha! I forgot about that cat rat! haha…

  3. We have a mouse in our house now. He’s been here awhile and has gotten pretty big in the past months. At this point, I consider him an uninvited pet. I greatly prefer mice, than waterbugs. You know those bugs that look like roaches, but are like 5 times the size. YUCK!!!

    But actual rats…hell-nah.

    Ooh – waterbugs! So far we haven’t had an issue with those.

  4. Yes, rats in Baltimore are inevitable! My parents like to tell me the story of when they were building one of the bridges (or something, obviously I pay close attention!) in the city and how it uprooted all of the rodent population in B-more (thus causing infestions everywhere!).

    Yowza! I’ve heard lots of stories about home renovations causing uprootings of rats!

  5. We’ve been hearing critters in our ceiling lately, and it grosses me out so much. I can’t even focus on the tv when they’re crawling around up there, and that, my little critter friends, means you must die.

    I started banging on the walls to try to scare the critters away… but it doesn’t seem to work. And now I feel like the old man with the broom that bangs it against the ceiling to tell my noisy neighbors to shut up.

  6. Oh I feel a little queasy. I never used to have a problem with stuff like this, but the fact that I know we have mice and snakes in our tool shed now makes it impossible for me to go in there. I don’t understand how that fear just randomly develops. Maybe it comes from thinking about germs more or something.

    I would totally avoid any place with snakes! Yikes!

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