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Nervous Nelly

This is it.  The marathon is in 2 days.  The marathon that I haven’t trained well for and that I fear will turn me off of running altogether. 

My stomach is getting gurgly like it does when I’m nervous.  I have to remember to pick up some Immodium AD! 

I’ve been staring at the course map today and reading everything I can about this marathon.  I think that I made a good choice in having Philly be my first marathon.  It’s a great city and it sounds like there is a ton of crowd support along the way.  And hello?  You start AND end at the Rocky steps (although Jeremy will probably have to carry me up the steps).

I totally slacked when it came to making a fun t-shirt (and voting seems to have stalled anyways with a tie between 2 slogans).  I wanted to pick up a light purple technical shirt to match my compression sleeves but really?  Why do I even care? 

I started to put together a “marathon mix” on my iPod but after adding all the songs I loved, I saw that the mix was 13 hrs.  If I’m still walking after 13 hours, please put me out of my misery (especially since the course will have long shut down). 

I feel so excited, nervous and unprepared all at once.  I’m stoked that some friends are coming up to support me (despite my warnings of a loooong finish time).  My friend joked that if they get THAT bored, they could catch a movie and still make it back in time to see me finish.  Ha!

I’ve thought about tweeting my journey but I can’t even walk and text.  Tweet and run?  I’ll end up in a manhole!

Everyone has been wishing me lots of luck.  I’m icing my knee as we speak.  And my nervous stomach has had me in the bathroom every half hour.  TMI?  Yes.

I truly hope that I can enjoy this course despite my unideal training and injury.  I hope that the beauty of the city, the cheers from the crowds and just the feeling of following through with a goal I thought I’d never set will fill me with an overwhelming sense of AWESOMENESS.  I hope that this experience is magical and that maybe, just maybe, I’ll attempt another marathon.



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Should I Be Offended?

I just looked at my blog stats and saw the popular search terms used that magically brought people to my blog.

And all I have to say is: What.the.f.


I’m not even going to type out the phrase that has scared me the most but check out the 4th one down from Today’s search term.  Um… what?!  Have I ever written about that?!  Sweet jebus… I need to blog more about puppy dogs and rainbows.

As for the tiny —-, thank you internet for reminding me daily (yes, this is THE most popular term used) that I am flat-chested.  Its not bad enough that I’m reminded everyday when I look in the mirror!  Sheesh!


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