My Marathon Shirt

I figured I owed my readers the winning t-shirt slogan for my marathon shirt. 

The last check of results showed that 2 slogans were tied:

(printed upside down) If you can read this, carry me across the finish line

(front) K.I.M. (back) Keeping It Moving

It was a game time decision for me.  I originally wanted to find a purple shirt (that matched my dorky compression calf sleeves) but put off finding a shirt.  Lucky for me – I have some pals that work at a t-shirt printing company.  I asked them if they had a purple shirt and was told no, there was only gray.

I figured I should give it up but a part of me really wanted a fun shirt… especially since I was unaware that our bibs would have our names printed on them.  So – I chatted with my friend Friday night about it and he said if I could have the slogan before noon on Saturday, I’d be good to go.

I teetered back and forth with a few slogans but eventually went with:


Keeping It Moving!

This was the slogan that Jeremy came up with and I suspect that he voted for his own slogan several times.  I originally asked my pal to print, “I know I’m slow but I’m… Keeping It Moving” but he only heard the last part.  Surprisingly, people really dug my shirt.  Or at least that’s what they told me.


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