Still Here

Despite the long hiatus from blogging, I wasn’t really doing anything super fabulous that would have kept me away from the computer.  In fact, I spent a good chunk of my holiday weekend watching Season 1 of The Wire.  That show is addicting!  I had several random dreams all involving The Wire last night.  And I now find myself looking at Baltimore and its residents in a new light.

And can we talk about how ridiculously attractive Idris Elba is?  And did you know he’s British?  I died when I heard that.  Now I need to hear an interview of his so that I can die again.  Oh my, the hotness.  Seriously – if he tried to mug me in Baltimore, I’m pretty sure I’d just give him everything and then a long awkward hug. 

Moving on…

I took a bunch of pics of my Thanksgiving dinner so I’ll save that for another post (maybe tomorrow).  Thanksgiving was spent with just Jeremy and it was awesome.  No travel.  No stress. 

I had a very disappointing Black Friday shopping day so there isn’t much to report on that front.  The company was fun (hey Theresa!) but overall, the sales were lackluster.  I hesitated on a pair of boots in the store and then looked them up online (for a slightly better deal).  But hesitated to buy them last night online.  I went to buy them this morning and they are sold out of my size on the site with the REALLY good deal!  That’ll teach me to wait on purchasing super cute grey boots. 

I tried to run yesterday after taking a week off and my knee starting to hurt after 1 mile and now it STILL hurts.  UGH.

I have restarted p90x as of this morning.  Jeremy wanted to do the program again and convinced me to do it with him by telling me just how much he enjoyed working out with me in the morning.  I’m a sucker for a compliment.  I’ll try not to blog about the program again since I think it bores the majority of readers!  Just know that I’m not following the diet closely because hello?  It’s the frickin’ holidays and I want to drink champagne (I’m currently obsessed with champagne and sparkling wines).

Lastly – I have my ears pierced twice.  In the second hole, I have a pair of 1/4 karat diamond earrings.  I hardly ever mess with these earrings but noticed that one of them was looking extra crusty yesterday.  So I thought it was a good idea to take the earrings out, clean them thoroughly and perhaps give my ears a break from wearing earrings.  I totally forgot that I had replaced the backing (the original ones screwed onto the post) with a cheapo plastic backing from one of my other earrings.  And now I can’t get the son of a bitch off. 

Jeremy pulled out pliers and I sort freaked out.  I envisioned him ripping the entire earring out of my ear.  But today I’m really freaking out.  I can’t get the backing off!  I broke 2 fingernails trying to pull the backing off and it didn’t budge.  Someone suggested I try baby oil or vaseline.  Any ideas?  I don’t remember the plastic piece being that difficult to put on the earring post.  But seriously – I am a dumbass.  I should have just gone to the store for the appropriate backing. 

So there you have it.  I’m alive, super boring and freaking out over my ear.

How was everyone’s holiday weekend?



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8 responses to “Still Here

  1. Kt

    If it’s just crusted, maybe try soaking it with alcohol. It probably will make the crustiness wipe away.

    Glad you guys had a good holiday weekend!

    Thanks! And I did wipe away the crust that I could but I really just want to take it out. I think the fact that I CAN’T take it out right now makes me want to take it out that much more. 🙂

  2. So funny for me to read this because Kevin and I started P90x yesterday. He even started a blog to track himself – it may not be public for awhile or ever since he may have a problem keeping it up. Anyways, we set up a whole gym in our basement for it. He is doing the nutrition part fully and I will try partial. I am not good with restrictions. But let me tell you – the first workout hurt me – my arms are killing me. Plyometrics tonight and I am dreading it. Tony annoys the crap out of me.

    haha! that is too funny! We should start a little p90x support group and lament about Tony’s annoying phrases! You think he’s annoying now? Just wait until you’re 30 days in. You’ll be able to recite his corny jokes.

  3. Has the backing grown into your ear or just can’t get it off? If it’s the former – yikes – might want to go to the doctor. If it’s the latter? I would be trying anything and everything – can you just take the pliers and crack/break the plastic piece off? And I’m also in the camp of the fact that I couldn’t take it out would make me want it out that much more.

    It hasn’t grown into my ear… but dear god, does that happen?!

    I’m going to try vaseline, WD40 and then breaking it…

  4. William is doing P90X. That shit is HARDCORE. I did one of the boxing workouts with him. I made it through that one and was proud, then he informed me that it was an “off” day.

    But wow, has his body been changing. It’s almost worth putting up with that d-bag who talks you through it.

    Jeremy did it last year with crazy results. I did it and didn’t really see a difference (although my body fat dropped a bit).

  5. Also, yes, stuff can grow into your skin. Can Jeremy get a look at it to see? Cos you’ll need a doc to look at that.

    Panicking makes it worse though–like when you put a ring on in a store and can’t get it off! What about a warm washcloth on it for a while? Maybe it will loosen whatever glue is keeping it stuck there.

    Wow – that is scary! But thankfully, the earring isn’t growing into my skin. The backing is just THAT stuck.

    Warm washcloth is a good idea though. I’m going to try everything!

  6. When I was a kid, I left a pair of earrings in for so long that the skin on the back of one of my ears began to grow around the earring backing. It was so gross.

    My mom had to do some major at-home surgery to get it off, all while listening to me whimper and cry and scream.

    I can’t remember exactly what she did to get it off, but it hurt, so there’s got to be a better way.

    I am now officially freaking out over this skin growing over earrings stuff!

  7. Netflix helps me feed my “The Wire” addiction.

    I am obsessed with Netflix.

  8. Brent, my bro-in-law and my father-in-law were HUGE fans of The Wire. A couple years ago I bought all the seasons of the DVD, except the last season as that wasn’t out yet, to split amongst themselves.

    I watched off and on, and I agree – Idris Elba is HAWT. Hawt, hawt, HAWT! He was a guest star on The Office for a while, and I about died.

    Yes! It was hard for me to accept him as this tough street dealer when I recognized him from The Office first. haha!

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