Petie – Male Model

Although Black Friday shopping was a bust, I did score this pretty sweet item:

Petie got a job as a model

What the hell? My dog is the spokesmodel for dog Snuggies! Maybe he needed the cash to buy Christmas presents this year. Seriously – look at the resemblance. It’s uncanny.

Petie and his snazzy neckerchief

As if the fact that it looks like Petie is modeling an oh so plush Snuggie wasn’t enough to make me buy it, the back of the box brilliantly markets the Snuggie as something that only the smartest and most laid back dogs wear:

Only the best dogs wear Snuggies

Your dog will watch TV and control the remote!
Your dog will be able to play a rousing game of backgammon!

How could you NOT want to buy the dog Snuggie?



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5 responses to “Petie – Male Model

  1. Nicole

    Kim – can you update us (me) on whether Petie and Emily like these snuggies. My dogs like their sweaters OK when I make them wear them outside when it’s freezing out, but I wonder if they wouldn’t be too hot indoors.

    The model pup does look like little sweet Pete.

    Sure thing! But these were gifts for my in-laws’ dogs… only because my dogs HATE wearing things.

  2. No You Didn’t!

    Haha – how could I resist?

  3. Love it! My greyhound wears a snood, which is a hooded jacket-type thing for dogs, but they are so expensive that he is getting a snuggie for Christmas this year. Also, Petie is a doll!

    Snood? I love that name! haha…

    They make snuggies in several different sizes!

  4. I asked Mike for a slanket for my birthday. I’m so excited! Maybe we should get one for Oberon (our cat) and we can be twins.

    Maybe? Um… you mean you should DEFINITELY get one for Oberon! I think it would make an awesome Christmas card. 🙂

  5. Jen

    My God, this is hilarious! I think Petie is moonlighting as a male model for sure. And I can’t believe any dog would really tolerate wearing something so vile as a Snuggie! The dogs in those pics secretly hate the world.

    Totally! I know that if I tried to put them on my dogs, they would roll around on the ground trying desperately to get it off.

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