Deck the Halls

In between our marathon watching of The Wire, we decided to put up our Christmas decor.

I love this time of year and I love decorations, but you definitely wouldn’t know it if you came to our house. We hang a wreath on the door, stockings along the stairs and a tree. I throw the extra tree decorations into vases around the living/dining room. But that’s about it.

We’ve done this same sort of look for the last couple of years and now I’m bored with it.

Here’s a little snapshot of our tree:
Oh Christmas Tree

And yes, we have a fake tree. I found out this year that its not a very “green” thing to do. For some reason I always thought it was the other way around. I thought cutting down trees was a bad thing but then found out that for every tree cut down, another one is planted in its place and that the plastic crap fake trees are made of are terrible. Who knew? But I might as well get the most mileage out of this fake tree then.

Anywho – the majority of the decorations consist of ornaments purchased in bulk from Ikea, Target and Walmart. So – they’re very matchy-matchy and boring. I mean, I love our silver, red and aqua color scheme but I need something new.

I was inspired by my friend Theresa’s eclectic tree (although I haven’t seen it – I just know she has a hodge podge of ornaments) and decided that I want to start building a collection of ornaments from places we’ve visited. I kind of wished we would have started this back when we visited some very cool places like the Maldives (our honeymoon!) and Scotland. I actually picked up an ornament for Theresa in Scotland but didn’t think to get one for myself. I’m kicking myself over that right now. For any of my Scotland resident readers (okay – so I only know of one and she doesn’t read this often… hi Juli!) – want to send me a cute little Nessie ornament for my tree? I’d totally appreciate it. ๐Ÿ™‚

I even wish I would have picked up a Philadelphia ornament! I guess that just gives me another reason to go back. I love that city.

I’m also picking up an ornament of my college (since I went there for undergrad and will be getting my Master’s from there shortly. Woop! woop! for it being my last semester!) and I’m making Jeremy pick up one from his law school.

I want our tree to consist of ornaments of places we’ve visited and things of significance during our marriage. Did you just gag a little? I can’t believe I’ve gotten so sentimental either.

The only current ornament of real interest on our tree is of one that Jeremy made when he was a little kid. I thought it was sweet that his mom kept it after all these years especially since my parents haven’t kept any of my kid crafts. Seriously – they’ve managed to hold on to their 8-track player but my totally cute and adorable kid crafts? In the garbage. Ouch.

How do you decorate for the holidays?



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8 responses to “Deck the Halls

  1. Meredith

    Even though you haven’t been, I picked up a bunch of ornaments in Paris and would be willing to donate one…in exchange for a donation per my email ๐Ÿ™‚

    Haha! Thank you for your offer – but I don’t think I can accept it since we haven’t been. HOWEVER, we’re trying to go! Let’s hope for a good bonus this year! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kt

    Last year my mom passed down all of my ornaments from growing up. I even have the ornament from my very first Christmas. So we mix those in with the standard ones.

    We put lights around our windows, I have Christmas wine glasses and wine ring thingies. We put stockings up, different place mats and table decorations. We have Christmas candles. We have Christmas mini dishes that I normally put candy in and put out. Every year I try to add a little more. I love this time of year!

    That all sounds really nice! I remember your personalized tree skirt from last year and have been wanting one of my own ever since! I meant to order one.

  3. I love trees full of ornaments with meaning. Since I was born my grandparents have given me an ornament with my name and the year on it. Each one is different and I know have 28 unique ornaments on the tree. Plus Mike and I started a tradition where we’ll get a meaningful ornament to signify each year together.

    We have some generic ornaments too, but the meaningful ones are way cooler.

    They totally are better!

  4. I’m a minimalist when it comes to decorating because a) I’m cheap, b) I don’t like to store things and c) I’m not one who likes to put a lot of effort into things so putting up a bunch of decorations only to take them down in a few weeks is, in my book, too much effort. LOL My tree is literally one of those four foot jobs from my college days. That’s about all I have. It’s sad, but kind of hilarious.

    I totally feel you… and that’s a big reason why our only decor consists of a tree and a few extra ornaments strewn about. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. It depends. I don’t like feeling like I have to, and often times we end up having to haul ourselves to Michigan for the holidays anyway. I have limited our ornaments to snowflakes and stars, but in every color, etc. I don’t know why I feel the need to have a limit, but it makes me happy, so I’m not going to question it too much. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think simple is usually better. Its easier to deal with!

  6. Our tree is a hodgepodge of ornaments. We usually pick one up wherever we vacation and those are mixed in with other random ones I’ve picked up along the way. Jon’s mom buys us an ornament for our tree every year and she also gave us all of his ones from growing up. So it’s a pretty eclectic looking tree!

    Now that sounds like the kind of tree I’m going for!

  7. Amy

    My mother buys my brother and I each an ornament every year – even through adulthood. She also saved all of those awful things we made for the tree as children. She moved in with my daughter and I last year after my father passed away. So she brought with her all of my childhood creations, her ornaments, and my annual ornaments. We are hoping to get our tree up tonight or tomorrow. It is a hodgepodge of, well, ugly. But my daughter loves it and I enjoy looking back at all the ornaments Mom collected. When we get a bigger house, I think we will do 2 trees, a pretty tree with matching ornaments and then our family tree.

    I love that! You have a tree with a story.

  8. I got an ornament from Monticello and Mount Vernon. Didn’t get one from Williamsburg. We go to Valley View every year and let the kids each pick out one (and I get to pick one, too!). It’s funny seeing some of the eclectic things children will pic.

    The eclectic ornaments are what make a cool tree! Do you just pick out ornaments with presidents on them? ๐Ÿ™‚

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