Too Much Flair

I’m nearing the end of my graduate school semester (and graduate school career). Words can’t begin to describe my excitement for finally being done something I’ve regretted starting in the first place.

I know I’ve bitched about my douch-y school teammate before, but I’m going to do it again. I could easily turn this entire blog into posts relating to why this guy sucks and why people like him make me question the value of my degree from that program.

All things aside, the one thing that makes me laugh and cringe are the terrible powerpoint presentations that other students put together.  I understand that Microsoft Powerpoint gives you an array of awful template designs… but it doesn’t mean you have to use them.  Or insert MORE awful pictures.

We need to do a presentation and one of my teammates shares my affection for simple and mostly plain template designs. 

I get that its boring but at least it is a clean looking slide.  When my teammate sent it around to everyone for EDITS (to the CONTENT…), this is what douchey teammate sends back:

This slide is one of the least offensive of the over abundance of color and images… but just shows my point.  He added no new content.  He just changed the template design, fucked up all of the bullets and fonts (so their sizes and colors are inconsistent throughout) and added these lame pictures. 

And this is the same guy that told us that we need to make “sacrifices” when it comes to dedicating time to this project when he hasn’t done anything of relevance.

I just felt like bitching about it is all.



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3 responses to “Too Much Flair

  1. Idiot.

    But you’re almost done! You can do it!


    I’m trying to focus on the end. Its so close! 🙂

  2. sarah

    I just finished grad school in the spring…and oh does this take me back. I totally, completely sympathize with everything you’ve said. Just keep thinking that you’re almost done….you’re almost done…
    good luck! (and congrats on being close to the end!)

    I feel like I’m a magnet for turdy people or something. Every semester I always have at least one in one of my project groups!

    And thank you. 🙂

  3. Totally legit bitch. I hate stuff like that.

    Hooray you’re almost done!

    Right? Its annoying!

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