A Funny Conversation

One of my all-time favorite people in the world is my friend Geoff.  He used to blog but hasn’t so much as typed a single work into a blog editor in over a year.  And it makes me quite sad.

While I consider us to be close, we don’t chat on the phone.  We’re bad phone people.  We both know it.

I hadn’t chatted with him in awhile so I sent him an e-mail yesterday.  And now I present to you, a funny conversation with my favorite person:

[after chatter about not talking in awhile]

Geoff: I’m just horrible with calling people… I’m not sure why … I HATE the phone, no lie … and I don’t even use it a lot at work.
Me:  I am the same way!! I think that’s why we’re friends… We both hate talking on the phone.
Geoff:  You are I are the same person, I’ve determined … except you’re trapped in a hot asian chick and I’m trapped in a fat white dude.

Me:  I think that’s why we’d make for good reality television.

Geoff: We really SHOULD look into a reality show deal … maybe you and I could sneak into Obama’s next big party … we’re be amazing! The news would plaster our images on the news …”Hot Asian Kim [Charm City]  and some white guy were found to have infiltrated Obama’s compound this past weekend and were said to have consumed copious amounts of champagne and spinach quiches. Friends and colleagues close to Obama stated that, “They appeared to have been guests at the party and everyone really enjoyed their wit … especially the white guy.”

It isn’t known at this time whether or not they are involved romantically, but one eye witness has this to say:

“The white guy was totally gay and gays always surround themselves with hot chicks and that Asian chick was DEFINITELY hot.”

 I’m Leslie Stahl and you’re watching 60 minutes.”

I love Geoff.



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4 responses to “A Funny Conversation

  1. Meredith

    That’s awesome.

    And I hate the phone as well. I am strictly a text / e-mail person. The phone freaks me out. I get all George Costanza having to plan out the conversation in my head before calling so there are no awkward pauses!!

  2. charmcitykim

    I loathe the phone… unless I’m driving and that’s terrible.

    And the way I handle awkward pauses in conversations should be an entirely different blog post. 🙂

  3. That’s hysterical! And I love your awkward silence. We can be talking along for several minutes, then BAMMM. Silence. I find it funny. And BTW, how can you be the funniest person in the world when I’m clearly sitting here being funnier? Or am I being old? Sometimes I get my adjectives mixed up.

    I don’t find our silences awkward though. I’m okay with our silences and don’t say creepy things. Or do I?

    And you’re just old. And funny.

  4. I hate talking on the phone as well. I have a few friends that can turn five minute stories into thirty minute stories and sometimes I’m on the phone with them for hours. My bf laughs because I will mute them and carry on a conversation with someone else or do other things while they talk away. I also spent one birthday on the phone for hours and to people who didn’t even know it was my birthday. I never got my hair out of the towel for nearly 5 hours. It was rediculous. Since then, I vowed to be selective about answering my phone.
    I also am so not good at ending conversations tactfully which is how I get stuck on the phone forever too.

    Ha! I’ve totally done the not really listening thing on the phone and have been busted on it a few times. And I am also pretty selective when answering the phone. It really depends on my mood and what I’m doing. I know certain people want to chat for awhile.

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