A Baltimore-centric Weekend

Despite the fact that I am now in the final stages of grad school and what I have left to do can only be equated to HELL… I made some plans over the weekend to check out various events around Baltimore.  And dammit, I am not changing my plans.

I guess I could argue that most of my weekends are Baltimore-centric since I live in Baltimore and generally stay in the city but I don’t always check out events.

Last night, I checked out the pop up shops in Harbor East.  There was some sort of party last night with champagne (champagne that was never offered to me and my pal… I was a little miffed).  I had read about these shops through some tweets and you really don’t have to twist my arm to get me shopping.

I picked up a pair super cute earrings from the DoubleDutch boutique pop up shop (their store is located in Hampden) :

My crap camera phone doesn’t do them justice.  I think these were made by an etsy seller and sadly I don’t remember which one (or I’d check our their shop online). 

After picking these up, I headed over to the Shine Collective shop (their main store is also in Hampden) and grabbed this Baltimore t-shirt:

Even though that was a Thursday night, I’ll still count it as my Baltimore-centric weekend extravaganza.

Tonight I’m meeting up with a bunch of girlfriends for dinner.  We’re eating at Sabatinos in Little Italy.  I haven’t eaten here in YEARS and don’t remember much about it.  But I know they accommodate large parties and it’ll be nice to get together with the girls.  I’ve been a social hermit for awhile.

Tomorrow morning, I’m going to check out the American Visionary Art Museum‘s Sock Monkey Saturday event:
Saturday • December 12 • 11AM–3PM • FREE:  SOCK MONKEY SATURDAY!

Don’t let the holidays drive you BANANAS! Relax by making your very own Sock Monkey. A great last-minute gift! And something just fun to do! FREE, but you must bring 2 pairs of (clean) socks to get in! Instructions, stuffing, sewing needles, thread, visionary baubles, and camaraderie provided.

I love sock monkeys.

Afterwards, I’m hoping I’ll have time to check out MICA‘s Art Market event.  Tomorrow is the last day for it and it closes at 6pm.  I’d really love to pick up some great artwork from local Baltimore artists.

When that’s done, I’ll be working on school stuff (hopefully).  I’m relying on my teammate to upload data online so that I can access it for my project.  I hate relying on people for this but I don’t have time to go by school today. 

Sunday, I’m checking out the Urban Chic sample sale.  They have a store in Harbor East.  My friend owns the store, one of my good friends is a buyer for the store and I basically wait for this sample sale every year.  Technically this sample sale is NOT in Baltimore but they have a store in Baltimore so I’m still counting it.

Afterwards, I’ll be studying for one of my final exams. 

So if you’re in Baltimore, you should check out some of these events.  And if you’re not – what are you doing this weekend?



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3 responses to “A Baltimore-centric Weekend

  1. That all sounds like a lot of fun. I need to start looking for more things to do and get out and enjoy life. It’s an extreme internal conflict because I am such an introvert. I like to get out, but I also need major down time to rejuvinate. Hence my weekend: sleeping in, putting out what few christmas decor I own, continuous improvement on the office/workout room, and maybe, MAYBE some shopping.

    Your weekends sound a lot like my weekends!

  2. Meredith

    I see your Tweet…NYE in Paris…FANTASTIC!!!

    This time of year is crazy….girl’s night with some boot camp girls tonight, Figgy Pudding Run in the morning (which Rebecca and I are most liking dropping out of due to 25 degree temps), haircut, party prep for next weekend, hopefully a hot date tomorrow night (yet to be confirmed…lol) and then a housewarming / holiday party on Sunday. It’s like I need two days each week to recover from my weekends this time of year!!

    You’re not going to run because its cold? Come one! You can do it! 🙂

  3. love your Baltimore weekend! Sabatino’s is where my family always went growing up. Hope you and your friends enjoyed it. Love the earrings you grabbed. Aaand now I am pissed that I missed Art Market. I went last year and loved it.

    I ended up missing the Art Market and am so upset about it.

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