Latest Dining Conquests

Despite how often I eat out, I rarely post about it.  I really need to stay on top of these things because I feel like the “Charm City” part of my blog is lacking.

So here’s a blip about the last 3 places where I’ve dined.

Sabatino’s – Little Italy

I feel bad about what I’m going to say about this place because it seems a lot of people like it (or at least have fond memories of it).  But this place sucks.  I went for a girls dinner Friday night (there were like 15 in this group).  I’ve always associated Sabatino’s with large group accommodations but never could remember much else about the place.

While I will say that they accommodated our large gaggle of ladies, their service was ridiculously slooooow.  The waitresses were super nice but holy hell, they were slow.  And I was starving.  Since just about every lady ordered a drink (mostly wine… and Theresa and I split a bottle of champagne like we were toasting an anniversary) – it just prolonged the amount of time it took for them to take our food orders. 

They did bring out fresh (?) bread and it was delightful although I’m not sure if I liked it so much due to being SO!HUNGRY! 

I ordered the gnocchi with marinara sauce. 

Words cannot being to describe how much I did not enjoy this meal.  I ate half of it because I was SO!HUNGRY! Did I mention the ridiculously slow service?  But it was a bland plate of mush balls.  I took the rest home to share with Jeremy and he stopped eating once he injested 3 of them.

I’ve chatted about my experience with some friends and it seems that people fall into 2 categories when it comes to Sabatino’s: they love it or they hate it.  I’m now firmly planted in the “hate it” group.

Also – I was irritated with some of the other patrons.  Apparently people don’t understand that 15 people = a loud and boisterous bunch.  Jeremy  likes to point out that it was 15 women as though that makes a difference in decibels but there was a group of 3 people next to our table that spent the majority of their dinner complaining about the volume of our conversations.  I have to say, what a sad dinner for the 3 people if they had nothing better to chat about.  Shoot me if that happens to me.

Pasta Mista – Canton

After my sock monkey saturday fiasco, my friend and I stopped in here for lunch.  In retrospect, we should have stayed at the AVAM and eaten at Mr. Rain’s Funhouse (conveniently located in the AVAM and veg-friendly) but I was worried that my pal might have gotten a parking ticket (since I had only paid for 2 hours of parking not knowing that making a Sock Monkey is ridiculously laborious and it took us nearly 4 hours). Anywho – we left and I couldn’t think of where to eat and Pasta Mista is a go-to place for me and it was located near the Squidfire Art Mart.

I love this place.  My husband and I get pizza here regularly (the Zappatore with sauce).  It surprises me when people don’t like this place.  It’s delightful and delicious.

My favorite pizza (the zappatore) is comprised of: mushrooms and eggplant.  I don’t know what else is on there but it is like a flavor orgy in my mouth.  I love it.  And their prices are right on par with most of the other pizza places in the area (unlike some of the “fancy” pizza places I’ve patronized).

Indigma – Mount Vernon

I had the pleasure of dining here with some great pals (Geoff and Jamie).  Jeremy and I have eaten here for a total of 3 times now and each experience has always been great.  We love Indian food and this place does not disappoint. 

I’d categorize this place as fancy Indian.  Instead of regular ol’ Samosas, they serve “open face” Samosas.  They have fancy plating and their manager is on top of providing good customer service.

I can only speak to what Jeremy and I ate since that is all I sampled (but Geoff and jamie liked their meals as well).

For starters I got an open face samosa (coriander pods, flash fried spinach, potatoes, burnt garlic and mango chutney).  Delightful.  I actually prefer this as an open face app because it makes it easier to eat.

Jeremy got the avocado pakora (cilantro, amchur, sweet lentils and mango syrup).  He really liked it.  I had a bite and it was very light.  And good.

And of course we had to get naan (although jeremy got fancy and ordered garlic naan).

Sadly – I don’t remember what Jeremy got for dinner.  Or even what my dish was called.  My dish had cauliflower in it (no potatoes) and I ordered it mild.  It was so damn good.

Jeremy got some sort of vegetarian masala dish and ordered it very spicy.  I had a bit (and dipped my naan in the sauce) and it was good.  But I know that I could not have handled that much spice.

For dessert we ordered the caramelized mango (sweetened ginger, vanilla ice cream and pomegranate syrup).  Apparently we ordered this last time.  I think that pretty much implies that its a good dessert.

I’ll probably go back to this place again… and again… and again.

But a side note – I think we were getting the stink eye from some other patrons.  Is there something about me?  I thought that we were pretty pretty quiet.  I noticed a pair of women constantly staring our way.  Maybe she didn’t understand the 1 woman to 3 men dynamic or something.

To summarize this post:
Sabatinos (Italian) – gross
Pasta Mista (pizza) – delish
Indigma (Indian) – awesome



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5 responses to “Latest Dining Conquests

  1. okay my friends and i went to sabbatinos for prom dinner back in ’04 and i got the gnocchi in marinara. the first time i tried gnocchi, and it was AWFUL. i thought i hated all gnocchi but really it was just that theirs was that bad. glad you feel the same! i’d heard such great things about the place and still do!

    OMG – prom!! Haha… well, it is definitely still awful. And I’m glad that you finally found some good gnocchi! It would have been a shame if you never had gnocchi again.

  2. Meredith

    I’m with you…Sabatino’s…hate it! It’s surprising how many bad Italian restaurants there are in Little Italy. I think Chiparelli’s is worse than Sabatino’s. I do Amicci’s for lunch on occasion and it’s acceptable. But then again, being from an Italian family, I am super picky about my Italian food!

    You and J and T and M need to head up my way one weekend for dinner. We did ladies night last week and got take out from the new Indian place and it was great. And there is a wonderful sushi joint in the same plaza. Both are BYOB and is just so happens that there is a great liquor store right there! I’m a big fan of BYOB since you always over pay for alcohol when you order it in a restaurant.

    I think Amicci’s might be one of the few places I don’t mind going to in Little Italy but it still isn’t a top choice place for me to eat.

    A BYOB Indian place? I am SOLD!

  3. so sorry Sabatino’s wasnt a good experience for you! We always went there growing up, but I mainly remember the Bookmaker salad with the Sabatino’s dressing. I am completely spoiled by DiPasquales these days anyways, so not much can compare to that place.

    Indigma sounds awesome. Never heard of it! I love Indian food and haven’t been out for it in a loong time. I am putting it on my list to try.

    DisPasquale’s definitely takes the lead when it comes to the best Italian food around. I’m not sure I’m a good judge though since I have only ever gotten ONE sub from there… but it is so good that I could eat it everyday and be happy.

    As for Indigma – I def. think its worth you putting down on your list!

  4. Kt

    I can’t remember whether my law school girls got takeout from Indigma for my birthday. If so, I think I still prefer Akbar. If not, then we’ll have to try Indigma!

    This was certainly a helpful comment.

    Hahaha – I love Akbar too. 🙂

  5. I was never impressed with Sabatino’s. We went there several times for our ‘Holiday’ party. They charged us for each soda. Who doesn’t refill sodas these days? The only interesting thing I can say about the place is that I saw Michael Olesker in there once.

    I had to look up Michael Olesker. 🙂

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