Sweet Relief

I really wanted to blog about the crazy snowstorm that hit Baltimore this weekend (almost 2 feet of snow!) and how my asshole neighbors didn’t bother to help my poor husband shovel the sidewalks.  Only 2 people were outside shoveling: 1 elderly man that is in remission from prostate cancer and 1 15-year old kid.

Aaanywho – I can’t formulate a particularly interesting or witty blog post because all I can say is…


I took my last final exam this evening and left that room confident that I at least got a ‘B’. 

All the douchey teammates I’ve had to deal with.  All the stress.  All the bullshit.  It’s over.

Tomorrow is my commencement ceremony and while I feel too old to be “walking the stage” with some crazy looking gown with a detachable hood, I’m happy to do it to give my mom a good memory that her only daughter is on par with her best friend’s daughter.  What can I say?  Koreans are a competitive bunch when it comes to their children.  🙂

But I am done.  Done done done! 

And now I need a new hobby to occupy my time!



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13 responses to “Sweet Relief

  1. sarah

    Congrats!!!! That’s a huge accomplishment and there’s nothing ‘too old’ about attending the commencement ceremonies!

    in terms of hobbies – are you still watching The Wire? It’s a great show. I think I watched the whole series in like, one month, because I was so addicted.

    YES! We just finished the 3rd season! It is a really good show.

  2. can i just say that i loved that you’re missing the word “with” in your giant red font exclamation?!?!


    haha – is that a grammatical error? or perhaps I’m yelling at graduate school that I am finished? 🙂

  3. congrats! have a great holiday – enjoy your downtime.

    Thank you!

  4. CONGRATS! Relish in the break!

    Thank you – and I will!

  5. A very deserving CONGRATULATIONS to you!

    Thank you!

  6. Yay, Kim! What degree are you going to pursue now?

    My mom asked if I was going to become a doctor. She’s nuts!

  7. I thought the exact same thing as Willikat. I considered that maybe it was intentional. Like you’re addressing Graduate School.

    Dear Graduate School, I Am So Done!

    But I like to think you left out “with” because that’s funnier.

    More importantly… CONGRATULATIONS! Feels damn good huh?

    Hahaha – well I did leave out “with”. 🙂

    And it feels amazing!!

  8. congratulations!!!!


  9. Congratulations!! Sorry about your sucky neighbors, but yeah you’re done with school!

    Thank you! As for my neighbors… it’s Baltimore. its to be expected. 🙂

  10. KIM! As honorary captain of Team Kim I am both proud and envious right now! LOL

    CONGRATS BABES!! You are officially the shit! Let’s talk about raises..lol

    Thank you! And you’re almost done too… you should be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

    And seriously! Too bad that won’t happen (a raise).


    I am super proud of you. Look at what you have accomplished. Not too many people can check the Post-Graduate Degree box on forms…. now you can.

    Thank you! I wish I could wear some sort of button to tell everyone that I am a MASTER. 🙂

  12. The Far away one

    Would you hate me if I decided to do a PhD? Rachel keeps insisting that I should as I would do well at one, but I’m not so sure… Most people hate their chosen subjects by the time they finish.
    At least you got married first and are likely to have kids first too! You win!

    If you do get a PhD, can you not tell your mom about it then? 🙂

  13. The Far away one

    Let’s face it; it won’t happen. Either that, or she’ll never understand it. She likes saying I work for the government. I sent you a ‘tradition’ last week, by the way… :-p

    Haha – my mom says I “work with computers”. She has no clue either. 🙂

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