Traditions are What You Make of Them

I didn’t want to my last post before Christmas to be a bitch fest about the douchebags that had classes with in my grad school career.  Although I’m dying to blog about the horrifically uncomfortable post-ceremony celebratory lunch with my parents and in-laws.  I just chatted with my friend, Kristin, who I was thankful to have there because my parents ARE SO SOCIALLY AWKWARD.  Honestly – I wonder how I share the same DNA with them.  But I love them.  And I digress…

Last year, Jeremy and I picked up Indian take out (from Akbar Restaurant in Mt Vernon) because (1) We didn’t really want to go anywhere, (2) we love Indian food and (3) we knew they’d be open for dinner.  🙂

After realizing what an awesome plan that was (pigging out on Indian food in the comfort of our own home) – we decided to make it a tradition.  I realize that I seem very anti-family around the holidays and that isn’t really the case.  My in-laws live about an hour away (and we go there for Christmas) and my parents are most likely spending their Christmas Eve at the Delaware slot machines.  (I will be thankful when slots come to Maryland because the idea of them driving late at night worries me… mostly because their driving in the daytime is scary!)

I’d love it if my brother came over but he lives over an hour away and generally has plans with friends.  Plus I got this voicemail message from him the other week:

Kimmy – I’m saying FUCK CHRISTMAS this year!  I’m not doing anything.  I’m not buying anyone anything.  So if you were planning on getting me anything, don’t.  I love you.  Fuck Christmas.

I invited Geoff over to share in our Christmas Eve tradition and I’m happy that he accepted.  So tonight – we’ll be dining on Indian food and watching whatever movies we have in the house or maybe an episode or two (or three) of The Wire.  We’ve made it to Season 4!

Merry Christmas everyone!  (and a very belated Happy Hannakah to my Jewish friends)



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2 responses to “Traditions are What You Make of Them

  1. I love traditions like this. so fun. and i am super jealous of all your Indian food. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

    Thanks! I think everyone should adopt the Indian food tradition. 🙂

  2. Having read this upon my return from time spent with family, I can only say that I am seriously jealous. Right about now, sounds heavenly!

    Haha – it was heavenly.

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