My Husband – The Magician

Thanks to some previously paranoid words from my husband about announcing over the internet that we’ll be on vacation, I never blog about upcoming vacations.

My absence last week? We went to London and Paris (from 12/26 until 1/2) to celebrate my finishing my graduate school, Jeremy surviving another semester of law school, Jeremy’s birthday and to ring in the new year.

I am POOPED. I’ve uploaded over 400 photos and for anyone that looks through my Flickr pics, I’m trying my best to label the pictures. But there are so frickin’ many… and honestly, I’ve forgotten what some of the buildings were. We were marathon sight-seeing!

If I had to do it all over again, I’d go back in the Spring. We were FREEZING our power walking asses off and missed quite a few things based on the time crunched schedule, lack of planning on our parts and the weather.

I will try to do a separate more in depth blog post about both cities, but for now I wanted to share some photos of Jeremy that made me laugh.

These were all taken in London and I love taking night photos. When you’re able to capture crisp photos of fun lights at night, they make for really interesting pictures. However, I hate pictures of just buildings or objects sometimes so I’d take a photo of the background and then ask Jeremy to step in. When looking through the photos, it looked like Jeremy magically appeared in both scenes.

A view outside of the London Eye. It is a very cool ferris wheel type thing that allows you to see all of London when you reach the top. Unfortunately, it was rainy the day we went so everything was foggy and the windows of the London Eye were very wet (causing not very clear pictures). Aaaanywho – there were christmas lights everywhere and I loved this scenery.

First you don’t see Jeremy:
Outside the London Eye

And then POOF! He’s here:
Outside the London Eye

Later on, we walked along the River Thames (between the National Theatre and the Tate Modern) and stumbled across some cute little lit courtyards.

First you don’t see Jeremy:Walking Along the River Thames at Night

And then POOF! He’s here (and crapping himself):
Jeremy Crapping Himself in London

And lastly – Jeremy also has the ability to shrink himself:
Jeremy Shrunk!

That photo was illegally taken inside the Tate Modern museum. When we came into this room, I was struck by the fact that this ridiculously oversized dining room set looked exactly like OUR dining room set. How fun would it be to actually have a table that large?

I’m not sure what this was supposed to represent. A lot of the exhibits had to do with sexual repression and abuse. I’m not very good at deciphering the underlying meaning of artwork.

Anywho – I hope everyone had a great holiday season!



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8 responses to “My Husband – The Magician

  1. Awesome! So glad you went to celebrate! I love Europe.

    I am officially in love with Europe! (or at least Edinburgh (went last year), London and Paris)

  2. Lovely pictures! I love how all the lights have a little halo around them, so beautiful. But who was that hot guy that kept walking into all your pictures?
    Oh, right, that’s the husband. Well done, dear.


    And you have NO idea how much your hot comment will make my husband’s day. 🙂

  3. Those are fantastic pictures!!!! I have always wanted to see the wheel in London (I’m a big BBC nerd).

    Glad you had such a great trip! Congratulations on graduating! And Happy New Year!!!

    Thanks! I only have another 400 to go through and post. 🙂

    The wheel is very cool. I kind of wished I could have done it during the daytime though so I could have gotten a clear view of everything.

  4. Glad you had a good trip!

    I’ve been to Edinburgh and London. I went in March and it was raining and quite cold. But I didn’t go to the museums. That dining room furniture is too funny.

    I think we only went into museums when it was raining and we couldn’t take the cold weather. 🙂

  5. So sneaky! You just up and go to Paris and London like no big deal? That’s like a dream trip! I’m glad you had a good time and made it home safely. Even though I’m insanely jealous.

    I really have been treating it like it was no big deal. I didn’t realize I hadn’t told a lot of people about my trip until today.

    But thanks! I don’t recommend cramming 2 awesome cities into 1 week though. I’m exhausted.

  6. How awesome!!! Sounds like a fab trip! I love the first two shots – so cool. I am dying to go back to Europe again… I think we may try to go again in September. Maybe to Scotland or Wales this time.

    Scotland has been my favorite trip so far (I went to Edinburgh in 2008).

  7. fromatopink

    I love it! Those pics are awesome – the lights are beautiful. I can’t wait to hear more about your trip; I went to Paris a couple years ago and fell in love. London’s at the top of my cities to see. Sounds like so much fun!

    Paris is amazing. I want to go back so badly. And London was very cool too.

    I’m convinced I need to move to Europe!

  8. those christmas light pics are fantastically beautiful! the second shot of j needs to be blown up on a canvas.

    I absolutely LOVE that picture of Jeremy!

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