I don’t have it in me to do a recap of 2009 and I really couldn’t resist NOT talking about one nice goal I have for 2010. So I’m taking a page from Doahleigh and answering these 2 very good questions (these were answered by everyone in her family on Christmas):

1. What was your biggest accomplishment of 2009?
2. What is one thing you plan to accomplish in the future?

Two very good questions that don’t require me to try to recap every month (I’m quite impressed by some of the bloggers that are able to do so!  Sometimes I don’t even remember what I did in the morning).

1. What was your biggest accomplishment of 2009?

Sometimes I feel like I didn’t really accomplish much when I really think about it.    However, judging by the look on my mom’s face when I donned a lame cap and gown, walked across a stage when my name was called and accepted a fake piece of paper (the real one is being mailed) – I’d say getting my Master’s degree was my biggest accomplishment. 

I’d like to think that the triathlon and marathon were big accomplishments but my performance and training weren’t ideal.  So they were awesome things to have done, but I don’t think they beat the sweet relief of graduating (with a 4.0 GPA!).

2. What is one thing you plan to accomplish in the future?

Here’s where I’m going to try really hard not to write out my super lame goals that I come up with every year… such as: find a hobby, do a split, complete any of my 101 in 1001 list items, etc.

Instead, I think one of the biggest things that weighs heavily on my shoulders is the fact that I feel like I don’t have a purpose.  I don’t have a passion.  I don’t do anything meaningful.  Apologies for sounding all “woe is me” – that’s not my intent but I mean, what the hell am I doing with my life? 

I focused a lot last year on physical goals (running, p90x, etc) but is that how I want to be remembered?  It all seems so selfish.  I’ve spent a good portion of my life (okay, maybe all of it) being incredibly selfish.  And quite frankly – I’m feeling a bit empty these days.

I’ve always talked about volunteering, donating, doing anything where I feel like I’m making a difference in something.  I think I will try to shift my focus to doing just that.  As many know – I feel the biggest connection with animals so my goal is do more to contribute to animal welfare. 

… but that doesn’t mean that I’m not also going to find a hobby.  I’m trying to learn to sew.  I just need to get a sewing machine and find an inexpensive class in Baltimore!



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9 responses to “Reflections


    MeetUp is a great place to learn new things (like sewing) for free (usually) and meet new people interested in the same thing.

    Congratulations on graduation also! That is such a big accomplishment.

    I wish you the best for 2010!

    I am familiar with meetup (because I signed up for one that is for dachshund owners… haha!) but never thought of it for other things. What a great resource! Thank you!!

  2. Meredith

    Damn you Kim for making me think!

    My biggest goals of 2009….easy…getting my license first and foremost and buying a house comes in at a close second.

    But what do I hope to accomplish in the future is a much harder question and I need to give it some serious though…later 🙂

    Congrats on graduating, with a 4.0 no less. You rock!

    You definitely had some big accomplishments in 2009! Congrats on all of them.

    Yeah – thinking ahead is what kills me.

  3. Traci

    If you find something to do to help the animals let me know. Those darn ASPCA commercials get me crying every time!

    haha – me too!

  4. Kim you are my shero! That alone is a big accomplishment and a huge contribution to society because Lord knows I’m a needy one. 🙂

    Congrats on graduating and with a 4.0 NERD!! Love you girl!

    Aw – thanks, CAG! 🙂

  5. I totally feel you! Nothing is more soul-shredding than feeling as if you have no purpose. My solution was to start my blog; I’m excited to see what yours is.

    You’re a great writer! I wish I could say the blog gives me a purpose but I just kind of ramble about nonsense.

  6. You should see if your area has a pets for people like event. My nana takes her daschound to the hospital to visit with the kids and elderly and she says it really cheers them up to meet Bailey 🙂
    That way your pups could volunteer with you !
    Happy new year

    That is such a great idea! I never even thought of that. I’m totally looking it up. Thank you!

  7. I’m excited to see what you do in 2010. I think you don’t give yourself enough credit for all the things you’ve accomplished. Many people never get to even go to college, have a wonderful husband, be in incredible physical shape, etc.

    But I know what it feels like to be aimless or to want to add something more to your life. I know you can find it.

    Thank you! I appreciate that.

    And I hope I can find it too! 🙂

  8. I agree. You aren’t giving yourself enough credit. The triathlon and marathon were big accomplishments! You had no control over what happened to your body and you still went forward with it through the agonizing pain. That is such an accomplishment!

    I share similar sentiments. I often feel a lack of purpose, passion, and/or meaning in life. I have a tendency to avoid it rather than face it though.

    I appreciate your note about my accomplishments!

    As for the meaning in life… I also have a tendency to avoid it. Hopefully I’ll get over it.

  9. your accomplishments are amazing. and i don’t think your physical goals were selfish! we have to work on ourselves and be healthy before we can tackle life. congrats on a successful ’09! 🙂

    Aw thanks!

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