City Living

I promise I’ll get to my Paris post but I just wanted to share a fun “city life” post with everyone.

Since I grew up near an airport (not too close, but close enough to hear airplanes quite often) and a hospital – I no longer notice the sounds of airplanes or ambulances.  Well – I notice ambulances when I’m driving.

Since living in Baltimore City for the past 7 years, I no longer notice the sounds of trains or police sirens.  Again – when I’m on the road, I hear police cars.  I swear!

Since living in my current neighborhood in Baltimore City, I’ve started to not notice the ice cream truck at 11pm.  It took awhile for that to happen.

However, the thing that will always wake me up in the middle of the night are my ridiculous neighbors. 

Some of them like to hang out on their front stoops and drink.  And talk loudly.

Some of them like to verbally fight with their significant other or neighbors. 

Some of my favorites were:

– Domestic dispute that included a brick being thrown through the window of the couple’s OWN home and the police being called

– Drunk man locked out of the house in the pouring rain screaming for his whatever (roommate? significant other?) to let him in.  Phrases like, “I’m going to keep yelling all night until you let me in” were shouted repeatedly.  Good times.

These events usually involve the same couple of houses.

Wednesday night was a little different.  I heard shouting.  I couldn’t understand the shouting.  When I finally got up to see what was happening, I noticed 3 police officers trying to haul a very drunk and passed out man onto a stretcher.  What the hell?

Jeremy said our next door neighbors (the roommates) got into a fight.  And I guess one of them was so drunk they had to be taken to the hospital?

Our neighbors (the roommates) are three men well over the age of 50.  All of them have a severe drinking problem.  I think only one of them actually has a job and it does not seem steady.

There is one roommate that floats in and out of the house.  I’d peg him to be in his 40s.  Hispanic.  And a heroine addict.  Strangely, he’s my favorite of that group of men.

So the sound that I will never sleep through?  A bunch of drunk idiots fighting in the middle of the night.

I love city life!



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9 responses to “City Living

  1. haha bmore at its finesttt 🙂
    i don’t hear the trains or sirens anymore either, but when people talk outside our house its literally like they are in my bedroom screaming in my ear haha. paper thin house!

    Haha! That is SO true! They really do sound like they are in your house. I don’t get it!

  2. Sarah

    I live in Canton…I hear drunk idiots in my apartment building quite a bit. I can sleep through street noise and wind and most anything, but it’s hard to drown out shouting, laughing, and repeated banging on doors!

    It really is!

  3. And I complain about all the damn deer in my yard?

    I guess I can give you that since they eat your garden. 🙂

  4. It’s funny but when I moved from Baltimore to Asheville NC, I couldn’t sleep because there was no noise. Asheville is considered a city but only about 1/5th the size of Baltimore so I don’t see it like a city. It’s too quiet and I live 200 feet from a police station and fire station lol!

    Yes! I have experienced that same problem when I’ve gone on vacation. My husband and I were like, “this is weird… it is TOO quiet.”

  5. My husband and I lived in the ghetto during our senior year of college, and there was nothing quite so magical as drunken sidewalk brawls. We would turn out the lights, run to the window, peek between the slats, and watch the fun unfold. I must say, I do envy you a bit.

    haha! I always watch things by peeking through the slats of my blinds. It is the best way to catch the crazy (without exposing myself).

  6. gem

    Haha, if you want to talk about loud neighbors, I live above a strip club… The patrons won’t wake me up since I live in the back of our apartment, but falling asleep to the heavy bass of some raunchy song can be impossible if I’m not tired enough.

    And I totally spent one night perched by my window watching my neighbor get arrested back when I lived in suburbia. I’d been woken up by him yelling at his dad, and then more yelling, and a struggle to get him into the police car and then some other cars came and left and the police left and came back… I had zero clue what was going on, but at least it was an interesting interruption to my sleep?

    Haha! I can only imagine.

    But maybe the loud base booming could lull you to sleep? 🙂

  7. Which part of Baltimore do you live in? I think that my area (Hampden) is a little crazy, but I’m usually about a block away from crazy on all sides.

    I live in the Highlandtown/Greektown area… so lots of crazy. 🙂

  8. This is great. Your neighbors sound so much more interesting than mine!

    although one night, I was awoken to what sounded like an earthquake. The entire bedroom was shaking. I go outside and my neighbors are running across the rooftops – racing? awesome.

    Oh and have you ever bought ice cream from that truck? That is something I want to do before I move out of the city. Not eat it – just try to buy some to see if they actually sell ice cream.

    Running across the rooftops?! Shut up! That’s crazy.

    As for the ice cream… while I have not bought any from them, my husband has. Haha… and he had a sore stomach all night from it. So they do sell ice cream!

  9. There’s someone who drives through our neighborhood at 11:45pm with music blaring so loud we can hear it in our bedroom. It used to wake me up all the time. I’d just assumed he’d stopped doing that, but the other night I was awake, and realized that I probably just stopped noticing it. Funny how that happens.

    Haha! It is funny how that happens. Any idea who the guy is that’s blaring the music?

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