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My New Best Friends

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of hanging out with a group of friends that I absolutely adore and never really hang out with often.  This is mostly due to my being a complete lame-o when it comes to going out.  I’ve seriously turned into a senior citizen.  I go to bed early.  I eat dinner early.  I get angry with my neighborhood kids (and sometimes even shake my fist at them).

Anywho – Jamie hosted a party at his house and it was one of the few times I went to something like this without Jeremy.  And?  Well – it meant that I wasn’t drinking because I was driving.  Jeremy is usually my DD. 

I got to see some of my usual faves (and spent a good portion of the evening attached at the hip to Geoff).  I was stoked when Vonni was there and she told me that she reads my blog!  I get really excited when people I know read my blog.  Don’t ask.  Most of my friends hardly leave comments so I have no idea who reads this and who doesn’t.  Hi Vonni!

I was introduced to a couple that I’ve never met before (but learned that they lived in the same building as a friend of mine).  They seemed very nice and when the topic turned to the “what do you do for a living?” (a horribly boring question, I know – but sometimes I don’t know what to ask a person) – I was told a nurse and psychiatrist.

While this may not interest ANYONE else, my immediate reaction was:

I then asked, “what type of psychiatry?”

Response: “Child psychiatry”.  My response?

Its tough to play it cool in these situations.  First of all – can we say power couple?  I have lots of weird medical questions so knowing a nurse (that would clearly not make me feel like an idiot if I asked questions relating to the color of poop) is amazing.

But then to have a CHILD PSYCHIATRIST?  Blogosphere, you have no idea.  Once upon a time, I was working towards being a child (or clinical) psychiatrist.  It was and still kind of is my dream job.  I started down the psychology major in undergrad until I realized:
(1) I hated school
(2) I’d have to stay in school for a ridiculously long time then go to MED school to make it in this field
(3) I really really hated school

In chatting with my dad, he urged me to go down the IT path so that’s just what I did.  I switched majors and now work in the boring IT field instead of the amazingly awesome Psychology field.  I have a minor in Psych (that’s how far I got in the program).

Upon pouring my heart out to my new BFFs, they encouraged me to still follow my dream (and the nurse even planned out how I could go into clinical psychology through the nurse path… and let me tell you, I am THISCLOSE to actually doing it).  And the psychiatrist?  He told me that I could come and observe one day!

I almost shit myself.

But I didn’t.  I’m pretty sure that would have resulted in him taking back his offer.

As for my dream of psychiatry?  Well – I really do just hate school THAT much that I can’t even fathom going back.  I’m really just hoping that Jeremy graduates law school, makes some awesome lawyer connections, gets a ridiculously high paying job in the UK and we can move.

A girl can dream.



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