I go to the gym at my office (located 25 miles from my house) every weekday morning.

Doing this allows me to miss rush hour traffic AND get in my workout before any day-t0-day activities get in the way. 

In order to adhere to this schedule of things, I leave my house in my gym clothes and pack my work clothes in my gym bag.

So what does this mean?

It means I’ve experienced one too many days of:

  • Outfits not really working together because I failed to put together the outfit first.  You know what I mean – sometimes you envision things working well together (a particular blouse with a specific skirt) but once you’ve actually put everything together on your body, you realize that it just doesn’t look as good as you thought it would.  This happens A LOT.
  • Parts of an outfit not FITTING.  Oy.  Hopefully I’ve done away with this happening again since I’ve just done a major purge of my closet but let me tell you – it isn’t fun to realize you’ve shrunk something until you’re putting it on in the locker room.
  • Forgetting something.  You know – socks, jewelry, UNDERWEAR.  I’ve gone commando more times than I’d like to admit (it is terribly uncomfortable for me).

Some of the funnier moments have involved me packing the wrong color shoes (you know – black shoes with a brown outfit) and one time I actually grabbed 2 left shoes.  I actually had to wait until Target opened so I could quickly purchase some shoes.

Well – today was a first.  Not only did I forget my underwear, I forgot my fucking bra. 


I contemplated just wearing my stinky and flattening sports bra.  But I couldn’t take the smell.  Oh… this bra smelled so bad.

Could I really just NOT wear a bra? 

Well – yes, I can really NOT wear a bra and totally get away with it because I did it today.

Sadly – nobody noticed. 

I mean, clearly my cups do not runneth over.  Shit – my cups are barely filled. 

I spent the first half of the day really self conscious and uncomfortable.  But by the end of the day, I felt comfortable and free.  However, I’d rather have full cups (than be the kind of adult gal that can go braless without any discomfort and anyone noticing).



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9 responses to “Commando

  1. That is hysterical!!! I’m not sure what other comments would be appropriate. 🙂

    Haha – I hid at my desk for most of the day hoping to NOT see anyone!!

  2. You know, I think I have finally gotten to the point where I’m happier to be able to go bra-less without anyone noticing. It took a long time to get here though.

    But no underwear at work – I’d be SO uncomfortable.

    I don’t think I expressed my discomfort adequately. No bra at home = awesome. No bar at work = awful.

  3. fromatopink

    I could totally see this happening to me – at least you made it through the day without anyone noticing!

    That’s true – although it is a little sad for me!

  4. My mom told me once that you could only go out in public without a bra if you passed the Pencil Test: place a pencil horizontally under your boob, and if it falls out, you can go bra-less. But if you can hold the pencil under your boob WITH your boob, you need to pack the girls. Never steered me wrong.

    I have heard of this pencil test! And sadly – I always wished for boobs that could hold a damn pencil.

  5. Meredith

    You crack me up!

    Since I go to the gym after work, I’ve been known to have the opposite problem…like forgetting to pack a sports bra or the appropriate socks. Working out in a ‘real’ bra…not so much fun!

    I have done that before (work out in a real bra). Actually – I was in such a rush at a friend’s gym a couple of weeks ago that I put a sports bra over my real bra and forgot to take off my real bra. I was wondering why I felt so constricted.

  6. If I went braless for a day, not would people certainly notice, but by the end of the day my boobs would be hanging around my waist. Gotta hold those suckers up!

    Hahaha! I’ve never known that problem so I can’t even imagine!

  7. Cracking up over here. Gosh, I think I’d hate having to go commando or braless or both at work. I don’t think anyone would notice (can’t hold the pencil either), but still. And, who knows, maybe someone did notice, but didn’t know how to broach the subject. Can you imagine? “Um, hey Kim. Um, how’s it going? So, uh, are you chilly? Cuz we can, uh, turn the heat up.” LOL

    I could totally see myself doing something like this. Then, I’d be stashing extra bras and underwear in a locker or my trunk or something. LOL

    Haha! You are probably right! I tried to not walk around my building too much but that’s not to say I didn’t run into people in the kitchen or bathroom. Oh god… hahaha

  8. maria

    coming from a fellow “cups do not runneth over”, i agree with your last sentence 😦

    We should form a group. 🙂

    And at least you’re gorgeous, ridiculously stylish and amazingly talented!

  9. LMAO!!! LMAO!!!! I’m so sorry Kim!

    I remember forgot my bra and only had a shaper…I’m sure people noticed but fuck em…That was the moost comfortable my boobs were in a lifetime! (Even if they sagged to my knees…lol jk)

    hahaha! I’m SURE people noticed when you forgot your bra! 🙂

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