Letting Go of My Youth

Wah wah – another post about getting old.  But it really isn’t… or well, it sort of is but I’m not necessarily complaining.  Am I making any sense here?

Back in in the summer of 1998 – when body piercings were at the height of all things cool and rebellious (especially if you were an 18 year old!), I got my navel pierced.

You read that correctly.  A lot of my friends were getting their tongues pierced and I just couldn’t stomach the idea of doing that (plus my dad made a casual comment one day that the only reason girls get their tongues pierced is for oral sex… and OH.MY.GOD. try scrubbing that conversation out of your brain… and you can understand why I never got it done).

My friend, a rebel with her tongue pierced, took me to a piercing place and bought me a navel piercing for my 18th birthday.  I’m still laughing as I type this out.  I was such a wimp that I had to be forced to get it done.

And it hurt like a bitch.

And then it got infected (because it rubbed against my pants).

I finally reached a point where it was no longer infected and it no longer hurt.  And dammit – the pain from getting it done and dealing with an infection resonated with me and I kept the damn thing in for nearly 12 years. 

12 years.

Keep in mind that I didn’t sport crop top shirts to show off the piercing.  This is mostly because I’m not that kind of girl and because I don’t have the super flat Victoria Secret/Playboy stomach.  In fact, I used to joke that my belly button looked like it was eating the piercing (because my belly button was shaped more like a mouth as opposed to a circle due to actually having body fat in my abdomen).

As I’m rounding out my 20s and with the thoughts of maybe someday getting knocked up, I thought it was time to let it go. 

I’ve been talking about taking it out for the last 2 years and just never took the plunge.  Apparently my body thought I was acting like a turd and it decided to push it out for me.

2 weeks ago, I realized that the end of the ring was missing.  But still, I kept the thing in because I still wasn’t ready to let it go.

Last week, I noticed that it fell completely out (I saw the ring on the floor).  But still, I picked it up and thought I’d just put it back in.

That same day, the ring disappeared.

So I received a subtle sign to let go (the end piece falling off), then a not so subtle sign (the ring falling out) to a big FUCK YOU, LET IT GO (the ring disappearing).

And as lame as this sounds, I’m a little sad.  I’ve been so used to seeing it that it just looked weird.  Not to mention the extra hole I have above my belly button. 


I guess I’m easing into adulthood.



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11 responses to “Letting Go of My Youth

  1. This had me laughing so hard. Your sense of humor is great 🙂

    Thank you!

  2. Kt

    I just took mine out about a week ago – I figured it was just going to draw attention to my pregnant belly that just looks like fat still ha. Interestingly, my doctor said I can leave it in for the entire pregnancy.

    It feels weird to have it out, right? I miss it!

    Someone told me that they were told the same thing by their doc (keeping it in throughout). I just can’t imagine!!

    And it feels soooo weird. I really do miss it!

  3. It’s funny how we get attached to things. I had this weird little red dot at the end of my nose (I know this is kind of different) and my dermatologist told me she could zap it off. I did it without thinking, and now I kind of miss it. It was the me I was used too. I hope you get used to the lack of belly button piercing, or put it back if you feel like you need to.

    I hope I get used to having it out!

    I had a mole removed 10 years ago. It was huge and I hated it… but the moment it was gone, I missed it. It really is weird how we get so attached!

  4. theresa

    haha – i’m the rebel that took you! i still remember the face you made when they stuck it in, looked pretty painful if you ask me.

    It hurt!!

  5. Do belly button piercing holes go away? Or is like the holes in my earlobes that I got some 20 years ago and are still there even though I only wear earrings about once a year?

    Ooh – good question! I hope it goes away.

  6. omg your dads comment was awesome! ha!

    i have a belly button pierced too. i have been holding off taking it out because i am unsure of what it will look like when the hole closes.

    is it going to look ugly and freaky like a massive gross scar?? i’m scurred!

    let me know how yours turns out!

    So far it is just a tiny hole! Very weird. I’m more concerned about it NOT closing and getting knocked up and then having a GIANT hole. Yikes!

  7. Meredith

    Haha…I remember Theresa with a pierced tongue! I never had a flat enough stomach to dare to pierce my belly button and was envious of those who could pull it off!

    I can’t pull it off (never could) and still did it. 🙂

  8. It certainly does seem like the Fates are trying to tell you to grow up, doesn’t it?

    At the same time, I can’t help but feel like if you want to keep it, you should. For one, who sees it but you and the Jer-Bear? (Do you call him that? You should.) And secondly, if it makes you happy and it ain’t hurting anyone, do it. Viva la bellybutton ring!

    Holy crap – can you read my mind? I honestly just sent out an e-mail to a friend a minute ago referring to Jeremy as JerBear. Crazy.

    And meh – now its out so I’ll keep it out (mostly because I’ve lost the ring and the act of purchasing a new one is just too much for me to handle).

  9. after i had surgery my belly button ring hole closed up, so i have that little weird hole still there above my belly button too haha. i loved it though! 🙂

  10. In college I got my navel pierced and had a small silver chain that went up to my nipples. You can image the horror on the faces of my friends at the country club when I walked out of the shower with that thing jingling. I took it off when I graduated. Good times.

    Now that image is burned into my brain. Thanks! haha

  11. smack

    exact same thing happened with my nose ring. It was going through a phase of getting all boogery (which was fun to scrape off), but then twice it fell out from barfing and once it just got blown out some how. I haven’t replaced it yet. I took it as a sign.

    I’ve always wanted a nose ring but feared that I’d end up blowing it out frequently.

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