Storm of the Century?

Holy hell – I have been bombarded with news of the impending blizzard that is going to be shutting down Maryland.  For those readers not from the Maryland area… here is what the weathermen are predicting:

I went to the grocery store yesterday during my lunch break to pick up MILK! EGGS! BREAD! TOILET PAPER!  My consumption of these items skyrocket any chance a snowflake falls.

Okay not really.  I honestly needed some little things (I always have a mid-week grocery store run) and stood in line for an obscene amount of time.

I rescheduled all of the meetings I had at work today (despite everyone planning to be in the office) because I didn’t want to end up sticking around ONLY to have people tell me they are leaving early.  I’m glad I did because tons of schools shut down early today (therefore tons of parents left work early today).

So I also left work early today (especially after watching some folks in my office wheeling a COT into a conference room.  Were they really anticipating bunking at the office overnight?  I’m sorry – I do NOT work in the medical field… I’m pretty sure things will be a-okay without our presence in the office).

As I was driving, I realized that the great blizzard of Baltimore?  It is off to a SLOW start.  The snow is coming down, but nothing is sticking.  I mean – I’m glad I avoided traffic and whatnot but if there is NO crazy snowstorm this weekend, I am going to be annoyed.

However, I’ll be happy that I can go get a pedicure on Sunday.  I haven’t clipped my toenails since the idea of getting a pedi has been planted into my head.  However, things keep pushing off a good day to go with my pal and my toenails keep growing.  I know I could just cut them but the cheapskate in me refuses to cut them and THEN pay for a pedicure.  I want to get my money’s worth at the nail salon and that involves them cutting my damn toenails.

However, my nails are getting dangerously close to being deadly weapons.

TMI, I know.

Happy snow, everyone!



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12 responses to “Storm of the Century?

  1. To be fair, you Marylanders tend to freak out at the very sight of snow. I haven’t seen the grass since November, but I’m still commuting 40 minutes to work. Grow a pair, Maryland!
    (But you’re still cool.)

    Ha! You are speaking the truth! Any evidence of precipitation almost results in a state of emergency.

  2. Meredith

    I’m still at work and my mother just called to yell at me. She told me there is no glory in spending three days on the side of the highway. The governor just declared a state of emergency so perhaps it is time to head out but honestly at this point in time, anytihng less than 2.5′ feet of snow is going to feel like a major letdown after the hype and hysteria!

    I keep looking outside and the snow isn’t sticking! There better be MAJOR snow tomorrow or I will be pissed!

    And go home!

  3. So my thoughts about this snowstorm are kinda the same. I went to the grocery store…catastrophe. Additionally, people at my work actually ARE staying overnight (although, I do work at a hotel). People are acting irrationally and that can only turn to trouble. Guess we better just find a good movie and sit it out. Hopefully your creepy neighbor just won’t need a warm palce to stay.

    Seriously! I keep expecting a knock at the door from creepster (especially since J isn’t home yet).

  4. Dude. I’m buying you a pair of nail clippers. Nobody wants deadly-weapon toenails. That’s weird.

    I don’t know… I’ve seen plenty of ladies sporting long toenails. Maybe I’ll just sharpen them into points or paint them a crazy color. 🙂 I’ll embrace the weird.

  5. I LOVE THAT PICTURE! Its so funny and so true!!

    I hope you stocked up on booze! 🙂

  6. Kim! I love the graphic lady. I went shopping on Wednesday b/c I knew it would be like a riot scene if I waited any longer.

    Jen! I’m so excited that you commented on my blog!

  7. Kt

    Ian sent me out to get him beer today while he was working. So this pregnant lady went and fulfilled his wish – and even the beer store was low on everything!

    And yessss totally venture over to our house to say hi.

    I am laughing hysterically picturing you picking up beer!! Jeremy went and got champagne and beer last night on his way home from work. We WILL survive this storm! 🙂

  8. Chris

    They are predicting in excess of thirty inches in some places. Washington, D.C. included. Along with that, high winds. Somebody mentioned that this is the worst storm since 1927? Anywho, I’d take it seriously, since they have dispatched over 600 National Guardsman, in case you folks get into trouble. Keep your cell phones charged, and have plenty of water and non-perishable food. Might want to watch the news and get a hold of the emergency management number in case the power goes out. Good luck!

    Yowza! Thanks for the tips!

  9. Now that this storm is over (and I got 33 inches at my house just south of Baltimore)–are you ready for the 6-12 they are calling for tomorrow and Wednesday?!?!

    OMG – I am DREADING the additional snow. I have NO idea where to put this new snow!

  10. That was a great idea to reschedule the meetings that were on Friday. Good proactive planning.

    I know… I am SO proactive.

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