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Cabin Fever and the Attack of…

… Snowzilla!

That is what I am calling this ridiculous “record-setting” snowstorm.  I’m tired of hearing “snowmageddon” and “snowpacalyse” (although I am now a fan of snow-em-gee!)… but I feel like this snow is like a fucking monster that is forcing people to run and hide.

… hence my cabin fever.  I can’t STAND to be stuck in the house like this!

Yesterday I ventured out to get a pedicure.  I realize it is bizarre to want a pedicure in the middle of winter (who is really looking at my feet?) – but I just had to leave the house.  With the impending snowstorm forecast, I knew it was my last chance to leave the house for a few days.

I called the nail salon around 11am and they told me that they were open but were planning to close early.  When I asked when, they said “around 2-3pm”. 

I pulled on my long underwear and snowboarding pants and ventured down (about 1.5 miles) to get a pedi.  I scooped up Theresa on the way and we were set.  While the side roads were not driveable, they were walkable.

And wouldn’t you fucking know… the nail salon was closed.  AT 1pm!  I couldn’t fault them – I could understand wanting to scoot early to avoid the traffic.  But what the hell?!

I also figured it was my last chance to go to the grocery store.  Even though Jeremy and I hit up the store the day before, we could only purchase as much as we were comfortable carrying back (1.5 miles) to the house.  I thought I’d pick up whatever we didn’t get the first trip.

Jeremy’s request?  2 more boxes of Berger cookies!  I’m glad his priorities are straight.

I was amazed by some of the stuff that had been cleared out of the grocery store.  Apparently the weather freaked everyone out into buying all of the potatoes, bagged salads and shredded cheese.  That sounds like a super fucked up salad to me.

But thankfully, they were well stocked on Berger cookies.  And Twizzlers.  I have my priorities too, you know.

I also stopped by the Wine store to pick up beer for Jeremy. 

So, I had a backpack full of food, a grocery bag full of food and another bag with beer.  I was a damn pack mule.  And the fact that I got beer for Jeremy should earn me “wife of the year”.  I think I’ve just fulfilled my Valentine’s Day gift to my hubs.

I didn’t take any pics today (of the additional snow and crazy wind gusts) but here are a few from yesterday:

That is a picture of our back “yard” taken yesterday morning.  Because of the dogs, we have to dig out a patch for them to do their business.  That mountain of snow has grown exponentially since last night’s storm.  If I was a Doozer,  I’d have the time of my life sledding down it.

Baltimore Winter Storm 2010

Here is Jeremy posing on one of the many unplowed side streets.  I don’t think people outside of the city truly understand the magnitude of the snow on the streets!

I haven’t ventured outside AT ALL today.  Looking outside and seeing the wind blowing around like crazy (and hearing that Maryland has basically “shut down”) is enough to keep me indoors.

Thank goodness for Netflix “watch instantly” and Playstation 3.  We’ve been watching Dexter Season 1.  LOVE IT!



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