Monkey Minestrone

Even though I suffered from some serious cabin fever, I have to say that I’m a bit sad about having to drive into work tomorrow.  My week of working from home proved to be quite productive (because I was surrounded by a chatty cathy or micromanagement type person.  Aaanywho – for dinner, I made Monkey Minestrone from Dreena Burton’s Eat, Drink & Be Vegan.

Originally I wanted to make the sweet potatoe chili but forgot to write “sweet potatoes” on the grocery list (that my dear husband was so kind enough to go to Whole Foods to get without me while I got mani/pedis with Kristin). 

I flipped through the cookbook to see what I could make with celery, carrots, onions and chickpeas and lucky for me, Monkey Minestrone was perfect.  And it was good.

The pictures aren’t great (they’re from my phone) but this made a TON of food.  Looks like I have hearty leftovers for the week.

And to keep up with my having a drink every day this past week, I toasted my final day at home with some vino.  $11.99 from Bin 604 (organic red).  Delish!

I’ll blog about my Valentine’s Day later… but just wanted to share this delicious vegan dinner with the blogosphere.



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5 responses to “Monkey Minestrone

  1. I love when you post recipes! I am definitely trying this minestrone this week. Looks so good and we might as well live up soup-weather while we can. Looking forward to a Valentines Day post. :]

    Definitely try it! the only thing I really changed was I didn’t use wheat-free pasta. We didn’t have any. I used whole wheat penne and I thought it was still delish!

  2. i automatically like this recipe because it has “monkey” in the name. we’re actually trying to eat healthier, so i may check out that cookbook. oh, and i finally bought some soy joys and they are delish! (i remember you + j saying you were huge fans of them)

    hope you guys had a nice valentine’s day! 🙂

    You should definitely get the cookbook! I really like it.

    And I’m glad you like Soy Joys!

  3. jamijoy

    Funny boyfriends nickname is monkey.. so one of these days I am going to have to make him some monkey minestrone! So cute! Also- I have never had organic red wine but I must try!
    Ps.. I notice you had a lot of runs posted on your site.. Do you know any good ones in April around this area?

    And you must try organic wine! I usually get headaches from wine but don’t get them when I drink the organic (sulfite-free) wines.

    And let me look up some runs for you and I’ll comment on your site.

  4. What’s a minestone? Is that a stone that you get out of a mine? And what does that have to do with monkeys or soup? I’m so confused!

    Thanks for calling out my typo! I can always count on you. 🙂

  5. I’ve been wanting to try this recipe out. I usually go with her sweet potato lentil chili also! Thanks for letting me know this recipe is also great!

    I was eyeballing that chili recipe so I’ll probably try it this weekend!

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