I will…

… blog today.  This doesn’t really count but I wanted to let you that I haven’t completely lost my mind from snow madness nor have I become trapped under a giant pile of snow.



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5 responses to “I will…

  1. I think you should serenade us with “Brown Eyed Girl”. Though I’m not a girl. Nor do I have brown eyes.

    Would you prefer “Blue eyed man”?

  2. That would be better. But on second thought I don’t think I’m your blue-eyed man. Forget I mentioned the serenading.

    That’s true – I’d be singing to Jeremy.

    So how about, “Middle-aged Blue-eyed man”? haha…

  3. Kim don’t even worry about it. Take your time because I think I want to quit blogging after this month is over! Blogging every day is overrated!

    I would die trying to blog everyday!

  4. So where is the post? You lie!

    I AM a liar!

  5. smack

    you must have completely lost your melon because you never posted. I hope the neighbor isn’t suffocating you with his underwears.

    Good new – I’m not choking on dirty underwear. Bad news – I’m a slacker.

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