Christmas in February?

One of the things I love most about online shopping is that when you receive a package, its like receiving a Christmas present.  I get very excited over this… and I think having snow madness just escalated my excitement. 

Living in Baltimore city, I don’t have a lot of packages sent to my house.  First – if UPS requires a signature, I’m never home to get the damn package.  Anyone else have this problem?  Second – if a package is left on my doorstep, I’m always afraid someone will swipe it.

So – as much as I don’t like to, I get packages sent to my parents’ house.  I don’t like it because my mom is nosy!  And if too many packages come, my mom thinks I have a shopping problem (and I really don’t).

Anywho – recently I purchased a few new goodies and was finally able to get the packages (since some snow has melted).  Yippeee!

BB Dakota Glen Plaid dress:

I originally saw this dress through Gilt.  I wasn’t sure of what size to order.   So I looked up their return policy and shipping costs.  After all was said and done, the cost of the dress would have been around $40.  Not too shabby.

Thanks to the power of Google, I looked up this dress to see if I could score it anywhere cheaper.   And I did!  South Moon Under had this dress for the same sale price.  However, their return policy allowed for in store returns (and there is one down the street) AND Retail Me Not had a coupon code.  Blah blah blah… I got the dress for $30 and I felt pretty happy about it.  I took a guess about the size and was pretty stoked that I was right about that too.  Yay – new dress!

I received an e-mail from Piperlime about a sale on boots.   I wasn’t really on the market for boots (but always kind of look for non-leather gray boots).  Wouldn’t you know – they had a pair of non-leather gray boots for sale ($40!):

Okay – so it wasn’t much but it helped get me through Snowzilla with a smile.  I like getting presents!

I also just realized that receiving all of these sale e-mails is probably a very dangerous thing…



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6 responses to “Christmas in February?

  1. I have the same two thoughts when I order online. I am weary of leaving a package on my doorstep (it IS Baltimore, after all), but am hardly ever home (especially when UPS gives you a time and then never shows up then).

    I love the new finds! That dress is super-cute… I am looking for something similar!

    While I totally respect the folks at UPS… yes, I hate it when they give you a timeframe and never actually show up within that timeframe!

    And thanks! That dress is actually now available through Overstock for even cheaper! Look up: BB Dakota Glen Plaid Dress.

  2. Those boots = haaaawt!
    And I totally get excited about getting packages, too. I like to think it makes my neighbors jealous. Plus, I like to pretend that the mail guy bought me personally a present. Like, out loud, I’m all, “Great, thank you,” but in my head, I’m all, “Aww, for me? You shouldn’t have!”


    Ha! I think the same thing… I wonder if they get it a lot. I imagine they’re usually received very happily. Who could be sad about getting a package?

  3. LOVE the boots. and yes, I have stopped getting things delivered to my house because I am never home when UPS comes and the place where you have to pick up the packages is scary.

    Ha! It is totally sketchy. I only go over there with my husband. 🙂

  4. I like your new gray cowboy boots. BTW, you have really big boots. 🙂

    haha – thanks!

  5. Love South Moon Under! I always make a trip there when I treat myself to the spa on occasion. I usually spend much more than I do at the spa so I don’t frequent there too much. I would really be


    Oooh – I could go for a spa right now.

  6. Meredith

    Love that dress! So frickin’ adorable. I just ordered some stuff from Sephora and Old Navy so Christmas will be coming for me this week as well 🙂

    I keep getting sale e-mails from Old Navy, Banana Republic and Gap… as well as Sephora. I’m having a hard time resisting!

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