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V-Day Recap

Oh Valentine’s Day… I know that everyone hates this holiday but I won’t lie – I enjoy any holiday that requires Jeremy to do something special for me.  (Though some could argue he should do something special for me every day).  I know V-day is a 2-way street but I’m lucky to have a husband that doesn’t give a crap about getting anything.

A week or so before V-day (and before the big snow) – I asked if we were exchanging gifts.  I was truly okay with not exchanging gifts but was surprised when J-bird gave the green light. 

I, not so subtlety, left a catalog laying around with a few items of interest circled.  Jeremy didn’t give me any hints.  I usually just buy him some candy and call it a day.

Jeremy had to work on V-day but I woke up to him making me pancakes (yippee!) and a cute homemade card about how “Snow-em-gee” prevented him from getting a card and a gift… and then some sappy message about love.

I gave him a card with 2 dogs on the cover that stated “Love means…”  (open card) “Never having to say, “who farted?”

He also clipped a picture of my gift:

A silver cocktail ring that I’ve been drooling over for a few months.  It isn’t here yet (it is on backorder) but I was filled with warm fuzzies knowing that my husband knew the thing I wanted most.  Actually, to quote him “you’ve been talking about a stupid cocktail ring for a few months now.  I knew what you wanted.”


And here’s a picture of Emily watching me eat because this is the face I always see whenever I’m eating.  My dogs are beggars!  It doesn’t help that I usually give them little nibbles of food (I’m a terrible dog owner) but how can you say no to this face?

Later that night we went out to dinner at an asian tapas restaurant in Fell’s Point called Sam’s Kid.  They don’t have a website (or I would have linked them) but it was good.  They had kimchi (a popular Korean side dish) so I will def. go back.  And they had sparkling sake!  I’d never heard of such a thing but it was delightful.

Then we had broomball. 

What a random day.



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