Snow Craziness

I am SO happy that a lot of the crazy snow piles have melted.  Just as a quick recap – here are a couple pics of the snow:

This wasn’t even the peak of the snow.  My car is buried on the left.  The piles are as high as Jeremy!

This is a shot of our roof (from our backyard).  We were concerned that when the snow melted, it would take down all of those wires you see attached to my house.

So do you see where I’m going with this?  While I’m stoked about the snow melting, we were right.  Not only did the snow come crashing down from our roof – it took the wires with it:

I came home to that scene on Thursday.  The chunks of snow on the ground?  ICE.  It broke our planter and our fence!  It also tore down our gutters. 

I was relieved that our power was still working (as was our cable) so I had no frickin’ idea what these lines were.  I called BGE to report “downed wires” (thinking this would be a priority) and they never came that day.  I called the city non-emergency line (thinking this would be a City concern) and they told me that it wasn’t their job.  Thanks, Baltimore.

BGE came the next day and left a note on the wire stating it wasn’t a BGE line and that we should call our phone company.  I just want this shit fixed.  The worst part is that damage left a huge gaping hole into my dipshit neighbor’s yard.  Now they have a window by which to antagonize my dogs or throw in their underwear.  Fun fun.



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7 responses to “Snow Craziness

  1. thats snow was insanity! i still can’t believe it. there were so many trees that had fallen on cars too!! eek

    yowza! I guess I should consider myself lucky! I kept reading tweets about fallen trees.

  2. sjmonk5

    Omgosh! I can’t believe that happened! We went out and got a roof rake (yes it’s a real thing!) to pull down the snow around the roof before it froze and then melted and took down the gutters causing a similar problem!

    A roof rake? I’ll have to find one!

  3. Kt

    I can’t believe you didn’t tell us about it on Friday! That is so crazy. I wonder what all the wires were for?!

    Ha! I think i just blocked it out from my mind since it was an additional area of stress for me.

  4. Maybe that was the line that pipes all the fun into your house. In that case, you should probably get it fixed. Also, why do I see no snow people in that yard?
    (Oh, right, the fun line was down. My bad.)
    (Also, I’m sorry for this comment. This is why I’m not allowed to talk to people before my shower.)

    No need to apologize! It made me laugh… and its true. It sucked the fun out of the snow. Now I’m stuck with additional costs that I wasn’t really planning for (but isn’t that how this kind of thing always works out?)

  5. Meredith

    Ahhh…gotta love BGE! Thankfully they weren’t power wires though or you would have had a bigger mess on your hands!

    That’s very true. Now I just have an ugly backyard. 🙂

  6. oh no! your poor planter and fence 😦 our gutters got screwed up, too. stupid snow.

    Being a homeowner sucks sometimes.

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