Inked Love

Okay – so the jig is up.  I’m finally going to post about something that I avoided posting about only in the small chance any family members read my blog.

I got a tattoo.  I realize that in this day and age, getting inked is not all that scandalous but believe me, my mom is PISSED at me.

I got a tattoo in May 2009 for my 2 year wedding anniversary.  Ink is much more permanent than cotton but what can I say?  It is something I wanted to do.

Jeremy and I talked about getting ring finger tattoos. 

You’re probably shaking her head right now but please erase the image of Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee out of your head!  We weren’t about to go that route.

As much as I love my husband (and he loves me) – we knew better than to tattoo either of our names, our wedding date or anything specific to one of us on ourselves.  That just has “jinx” written all over it.

Instead, I suggested getting the Korean characters for “love”.

Puke, I know.  But to me, the ring finger generally symbolizes where you subtley pronounce your love to the world.  Why not ink it?

However, Jeremy and I suffer from what I like to call, “Montogomery Burns’ fingers” syndrome.  Basically, we have ridiculously thin & long fingers. 

We went to the tattoo shop and I showed the guy the Korean characters.  He looked at my Monty Burns’ fingers and said, “that’s not possible.”  (or something like that)  He explained the difficulty with hand tattoos in general (the skin is more delicate) and how doing anything with a degree of detail (like the Korean characters) just wouldn’t work on such a small space.

But dammit, I was there and I wanted something.  So I went with a small heart.  (did you just gag a little?)

As soon as I committed to getting a heart, Jeremy quickly responded, “I am NOT getting a heart tattoo.”  Fair enough.

So here it is.

I didn’t have my ring with me when I got the tattoo so I guessed where I thought my ring sat on my finger.  I wanted the tattoo as a reminder to me (it still makes me smile) but didn’t necessarily want everyone to see it.  Clearly – I was wrong about the placement.


I’m bringing this up now because it seems like a lot of people are noticing it lately.  I get a lot of double takes.  Geoff thought it was a mole.  A few others thought it was a scab. 

Nope – just a heart.

(And if you’re wondering – Jeremy does not have a ring finger tattoo and I’m not mad about it!  I love my little heart tattoo.)



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13 responses to “Inked Love

  1. I think it’s fantastic. Will it fade? If it does you could have it touched up with red ink and that would perhaps lower the number of people who think it’s a dermatological issue…or perhaps it would up that number? haha 🙂

    I want a tattoo as well but don’t know what or where. I like this idea, but I do not suffer from Monty Burns finders so perhaps something a little more in-depth…

    One of the cool things about this tattoo shop is that they offer lifetime touch-ups for hand/feet/neck tattoos (they’re a bit pricier because of the fading issue).

  2. 🙂 I love it. Sean and I have discussed doing that when we get married. He can’t really wear a wedding ring with his job, and I think it would be a cool way to have it there permanently.

    You should! And its pretty painless.

  3. Shannon

    Do you think Jeremy will get something eventually or no? It’s very cute. Dainty and subtle, I like it.

    Thank you! And I’m not sure, actually. He was originally thinking of getting the infinity sign on his finger but I think the loops would cause issue. He’s also said that if he gets a tattoo, he’s going BIG… like arm sleeve big. And if you know him – that’s frickin’ hilarious.

  4. Meredith

    I love that as adults we still cringe a little at the idea of having our parents disapprove of our choices. I keep thinking that goes away but it hasn’t yet!

    Haha! I’ve gotten a little better with drinking in front of my parents but that was only a recent thing.

  5. That’s adorable! I’ve always thought about getting a tattoo, but there’s nothing, (not even Kyle,) that I like enough to get tattooed on my body. But yours is subtle enough that I think it has lasting power.

    Thanks! I was going for subtle. I don’t think I could have handled a name or Jeremy’s portrait. 🙂

  6. taraSG

    That’s great that your tattoo place offers free touch-ups on that area! Mine specifically told me that I cannot get free touch-ups on my inner finger tattoo :/

    The hubs and I are planning on getting our wedding date in Mayan for our 3rd wedding anniversary (a year from today!).

    PS. my mom also hates my tattoos lol

    They didn’t offer it? That stinks! The finger tat was kind of pricey and they said it was pricey because they offered the touch ups.

    Ooh – and I like your tattoo idea!

  7. I like it! and I really like your rings too!

    At least you don’t have a “I was an idiot at 18” tattoo like me. ughh.

    A lot of people I know have that “I was an idiot at 18” tattoo. What is yours??

  8. Oh, I’m a pansy and think I would like a tattoo. But ouch, man. And my fingers are bony. My husband and I have talked about tattoos together as well, but as in we would go at the same time, not as in we would get matching ones. But again, pansy.

    I’m a total pansy about needles and I can tell you that this didn’t hurt at all.

  9. Sometimes I bust out and do things so permanent. Like tattoos and marriage.

  10. That’s cute, and sweet!


  11. Jay-Z and Beyonce did it! LOL

    that’s right! They got the number 4, right?

  12. ok – seriously. It is almost too embarassing to type. Just imagine what everyone was getting back about 12 years or so ago. yup. I have that.

    Hahaha! Well if it makes you feel better, I have a friend who has “princess” in Chinese on her back… but she’s so embarrassed about it that she tells people its just a made up symbol.

  13. Krista

    Cute! I love hearing the stories behind tattoos.

    I do too!

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