Shopping Addiction

Hello, my name is Kim and I am a shopaholic.

Seriously – money burns a hole in my pocket.  I’ve noticed that I’ve had some extra funds as of late (mostly because I haven’t gone shopping in awhile… amazing what NOT shopping does for my checking account) and it has made me antsy. 

I think that if it weren’t for my husband, I’d still be living paycheck to paycheck, under a mountain of credit card debt (and worse – STORE credit cards) and with no savings.  That is pretty much how I left college and I’m not even including my student loan debt!

I think when I graduated from undergrad, I had racked up close to $11k in CREDIT CARD debt with nothing to show for it!  I had a ton of junk and was about 20 lbs overweight.  I ended up moving back in with my parents (not a high point in my life) and managed to pay off my debt.

But still – money burns a hole in my pocket.

Its probably a really bad thing that I’m signed up for e-mail notifications from Shop It To Me, Gilt Group, Rue La La as well as all of the various online shops I’ve frequented.

So anywho – I bought a bunch of stuff from the Gap yesterday because I received an e-mail notice stating that their sale merchandise was an extra 20% off.

Seriously, I have a problem.

I didn’t even get anything super fabulous — just a bunch of basics like:

White silk-blend V-neck

Rugby-striped shawl collar sweater

The fatigue skirt

… not to mention many more.  (Okay – not THAT much more, breathe easy Jeremy)

And like an addict – I feel better and yet guilty all at the same time.

(oh – and I’m totally going shopping this weekend.  Yikes!)



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8 responses to “Shopping Addiction

  1. Meredith

    I was thinking about it today, and I have not set foot inside a ‘real’ mall (White Marsh mall does not count…no Banana, no JCrew, crap Macy’s) yet this year and it’s caused me to panic so much in fact that I’m planning my tomorrow’s activities around hitting up Towson Town Center! Now this is not to say I haven’t bought anything because I have, included 4 pairs of shoes from zappos, 3 books from amazon and a cool ring from Ross Simon. Thank goodness for online shopping. It’s like my tax refund is burning a hole in my pocket!

    Online shopping is definitely to blame for fueling my shopping addiction!

    And I may also be hitting up Towson Town Center tomorrow.

  2. Gosh, I have the same problem, and it frustrates the hell out of my husband. I buy, buy, buy and its usually crap. I can’t believe how much crap adds up and feel so guilty about making no real substantial purchases. I so need a shopaholics anonymous!

    Haha – I think a lot of us need a shopaholics anonymous!

  3. Kt

    I have to say you do shop a lot. BUT – I probably just think that because I don’t really shop at all. I only shop about twice per year and that’s normally just a few basic things that I replace each year (couple new sweaters, basic tees and tanks). I get all of those emails and check them out – but since I’ve been in school I only pick things if I have a need for it.

    I wish I was one of the girls that didn’t care about shopping! Help me!

  4. You should go shopping with me at Kohl’s. I can get you that same sweater for like $2. And still have money left over for some wasabi peanuts.

    Teach me your super money saving ways!

  5. Oh I have been having quite a bout of buyer’s remorse lately. I have just had this urge to shop and buy and shop and buy. I recently declared NO MORE!

    Good job at paying off that debt. I had a hard time paying off the $2000 I had racked up after college.

    I always have buyer’s remorse!

  6. Sarah

    I feel the same way. I’ve been trying to save money – especially since I have more clothes than closet – but I can’t. You should check out the Purse Forum if you haven’t already…they have a ‘deals & steals’ section where people post coupons, sales, etc. I justify it because it’s really saving money if you think about it…haha.

    hahaha! I like your thinking and I’ll def. check it out. Thanks!

  7. Hi Kim,

    I’m Laura from Shop It To Me. Thanks for sharing us with your readers! We just wanted to make sure you were aware that you can set price preferences. So you can set a maximum price (like $100) or minimum discount (only see items over 30%-off, etc). This way you can keep shopping but only see the greatest deals out there! 🙂

    We’d love to learn a bit more about you and how you’re using Shop It To Me. Please email me if you’re willing to chat!

    Thanks again!

  8. You should try doing what I did to break my shopping addiction: work 10-16 hours a day at a job that requires you to wear the same manish uniform everyday. Not only will you not have time to shop, but there’s no longer any real point because who’s going to see them? Seriously, I haven’t been shopping in AGES.

    Yikes! I can barely manage working 8 hours a day!

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