Everyone’s a Doctor

You know what is kind of annoying about being in any sort of pain?  Everyone has an opinion.  EVERYONE.  Even worse?  Most of the opinions and suggestions are conflicting.

I will admit that I am second guessing my chiropractor mostly because I’m not getting any better this time around.  Previously – I did get better so I felt confident that going to him was a sound decision.  This time?  I actually feel worse.

A co-worker mentioned that he had the same exact issue – a lumbar strain coupled with a back spasm.  He had gone to a physical therapist and orthopedist.  When I told him what I’d been doing to alleviate the pain (as well as mentioning that I was told to avoid YOGA) — he pretty much told me that he had been told the opposite.

Ice?  Not good for tight muscles.  While I do know this (logically) — I think training for the marathon has the idea of icing an injury beaten into my brain.  Plus the chiropractor said to ice it!  Previously – the ER doctor said to use heat and I felt the pain get worse… but this time around the ice is NOT helping (except that it is numbing the pain).

He also told me some of the stretching moves he’s been doing and mentioned that the physical therapist applies some sort of deep tissue type massage to release the muscles.

It all sounds like magic to me.  So – I may be moving beyond the chiropractor for additional help because I can’t stand feeling like this!  The weather is getting nicer.  I want to run… OUTSIDE.  I want to be able to sit at my desk at work for longer than 5 minutes without being in extreme pain.  I want to be able to stand up straight and not look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Perhaps today calls for drinking buckets of green beer to dull the pain!

Who am I kidding?  I don’t think I could handle the overly crowded bars today.  One of my friends mentioned that she and her husband took off of work tomorrow in anticipation of tonight’s festivities.  My first thought was “really??!”  And then I remembered that just a few years ago – I would go balls to the wall crazy on St. Patty’s Day.  I loved this frickin’ holiday.  Now?  I just want to lay down with a heating pad on my back.

So blogosphere – drink a beer for me!  And then blog about your evening so I can live vicariously through you.  Thanks.



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8 responses to “Everyone’s a Doctor

  1. oh man – I hope you find something to make your back better soon. Tonight, I will be at my grandmom’s church. Soup, Bread & a Service. Yes, I am officially 85 years old. But wait, I did go out on saturday afternoon/evening to celebrate, but stayed on the outskirts of the square to avoid the crowds. So I guess that means I am still old.

    Haha – I’m all for avoiding the square! I went through the square during the snow storm and was amazed by some of the new restaurants! It had been YEARS.

  2. Paul

    Isnt it funny that we stopped running outside right when daylight savings time ended gearing up for Philly and now we cant wait to run outside again the second daylight savings time begins again? You are truly a running addict, the same as me, accept it.

    Haha – that is funny! And yes, I’m definitely a running addict. I love it! And I can’t wait to do it again (minus the whole training for a marathon thing).

  3. angelina

    ~*kim! okay, i dont know how you feel about this, but have you considered accupuncture? both my sis and hubs have both gone recently for back pain and have had amazing results! the scary thing with chiropractors these days are insurance related issues that tend to keep bringing patients back. not saying all, but ive read that its been something to pay attention to. just a thought!

    I have definitely thought about acupuncture! I’ll get the info from you through (I’ll only go where I’ve heard good things about the place).

  4. sjmonk5

    Ohhh…I TOTALLY support the above comment about acupuncture – before I had my nerve moved in my arm it was the only time I ever got relief!! Huge fan of it in more ways than one…

    2 votes for acupuncture – looks like I should at least try it!

  5. your post totally made me laugh out loud! feel better! i will drink a beer for you!


  6. Factor

    Have you tried up-hill somersaulting? It does wonders for the back. Jk, don’t do that.
    But on the real, my friend has a bad back and got one of those tilt things you lay on and can tilt you upside down. It’s good if you like to pretend you’re a bat. Does it help? I forget.

    I think I saw that on Dr. Oz… or maybe it was Batman…

  7. Kt

    Seriously dude, go to the doctor! Get recs for a good ortho in the area. I highly recommend giving physical therapy a try. We are going through the same issues with Ian’s back – so he’s going to end up going to the dr because backs aren’t something to mess around with!

    Done! I just got a referral to get PT.

  8. Meredith

    Make that 3 for acupuncture! My neurologist is a little out there but he does it on me for migraines and the results have been incredible. I was always a non-believer but now I am a total convert!!

    I feel like I’m the only person that HASN’T tried acupuncture!

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